Before We Leave

Before We Leave Roadmap
Before We Leave is a new friendly city builder, where all you need to do is play, relax and have fun. Here you don’t need to think about your borders, enemies or wars. All you should care about is the development and prosperity of your people. You can read our Before we Leave review to...
Before We Leave Gameplay Video
If you haven’t noticed yet we started Expert Game Reviews YouTube channel. There we are going to publish plain gameplay videos about the games we write reviews about. In some time we will also add video guides. You can see all our videos in the category Gameplay Videos. And today we share with you our...
Before We Leave Review
Two weeks ago we had a little announcement about Before We Leave the upcoming game. So we had the honour to get a key to play it before the official release, thanks again, by the way! First of all, we loved the game. And we are going to tell you some more details further in...
Before We Leave Upcoming Game
Today we are going to tell you about one great city builder. Before We Leave upcoming to the Epic Store 8th May 2020. You can check the game here. This one promise a lot of fun to those who love creating new worlds and hate violence. You know all these civilization strategies where you need...
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