Before We Leave Roadmap

Before We Leave is a new friendly city builder, where all you need to do is play, relax and have fun. Here you don’t need to think about your borders, enemies or wars. All you should care about is the development and prosperity of your people. You can read our Before we Leave review to know more about its features.

UPDATE 2021!

Before we Leave 2021_Roadmap_v2

Before We Leave Roadmap

Today developers shared with us in Discord their plans for the future about the game in a new Roadmap. We will repost it for you here in its original words.

IMPORTANT: This list is not in any order, and doesn’t include everything. There’s no guarantee that any particular thing on this list is definitely going to happen, it’s just an indicator of the things we’re considering adding at some stage!!

  • Shipping UI update
  • Alterations to the Overpopulation mechanic (both/either how it works or how it’s presented), so that it makes more sense
  • Power lines and Waterpipes
  • Resource overlay – an overlay mode where you can see stuff like what resources each warehouse is configured to hold, what resource is output and/or used by each building, what resource is each peep fetching/carrying
  • Submarines + something to do with the Sunken Buildings + a new Guardian
  • Moons (very small planets with no ocean, possibly need special gear to survive)
  • Create your own planets!
  • Planting trees
  • Terraforming – the ability to create/destroy tiles in limited ways
  • Special tiles with various effects
  • Upgrades to the initial transmogrified building to allow it to make more stuff, and to allow a player to build them
  • Upgraded roads – stone roads that peeps move faster on
  • Various bits of decoration to make towns prettier/more distinctive, and streetlamps and stuff
  • Donkey carts, which can be programmed to move around the island picking up and dropping off resources – kinda like landbased ships
  • Allow roads to be built as long things all at once – drag out the road you want, preview it’s correct, then build it all at once
  • Notification history
  • More languages (once the text has settled down some, and we’re fairly confident we won’t need to add more for a bit)
  • Updated pathfinding
  • Add a way to “permanently beat” Gremlins/Minotaurs/Sphinxes so that they stop bothering you, or even become helpful!
  • Allow players to customise their Colony (Space)ships – choosing what resources they want to take above the required minimum

As you can see the game is about to change a lot! It will become more complex with new gameplay features. Also, you will have a lot of new options to customize your planet and colony. All of these upcoming look really promising! We remind you that Before we Leave you can buy in the Epic Store here.

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