Curse Skills Rework in Path of Exile 3.12 Heist

Every player, regardless of build, uses Curse Skills in order to weaken enemies – whether it is to deal more damage or to defend yourself (Temporal Chains). With the release of the new league, Curse Skills will undergo changes, and a new curse skill and one new support gem will be added.

Curse Types

What is most important, and concerns all Curses, is their division into 2 main types – into Hexes and Marks.


Hexes applies the course on all monsters within the range, and also if spell was a self-cast, then the debuff from the course will gain doom over time, which will increase its effect. This category includes the following curses: Flammability, Frostbite, Conductivity, Elemental Weakness, Vulnerability, Despair, Temporal Chains, Enfeeble and Punishment.


This type of courses can only be applied to one goal. In addition, new passive skills will be added to the dexterity part of Passive Skill Tree (Ranger), which will interact with targets that have a Mark. Also, all courses in this category have been rebalanced to be optimal for the single target. Curses that fall into this category are Warlord’s Mark, Poacher’s Mark, Assassin’s Mark and Sniper’s Mark (reworked Projectile Weakness).

Impending Doom and Doom Blast

Impending Doom is a new support gem that creates a chaos explosion (Doom Blast) when a hung hex expires or disappears from the target. The trigger can be the death of the mob or other methods (most likely, exceeding the course limit will work, which will be very useful for groups).


This is a new active gem that calls down a beam of chaos damage on the target. If the target was Hex, then it consumes it and causes a shockwave around that enemy. Although it is a chaos type skill, it can apply to ignite, shock or freeze, and also deals damage based on the enemy’s lowest resistance.


This skill has been reworked, and now opponents with this debuff will no longer grant benefits to those they hit. Instead, hexed monsters will take increased damage when they are on low life. In addition, cursed enemies will explode, dealing a percentage of your overkill damage to monsters around them and applying debilitated debuff (enemies will deal less damage and have less movement speed).

In the video above you can see how all of them work.

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