Diablo 3 Necromancer Class Overview

There are seven classes in Diablo 3. Here you will learn everything you need to know about Diablo 3 Necromancer. We will share information about the main features of this class, equipment (including sets) and also write the list of the best Diablo 3 Necromancer builds.

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Necromancer Lore
Key Features
Necromancer Sets
Necromancer Builds

Diablo 3 Necromancer Lore

Necromancers are the ones who balance between life and death. They can make benefits for them by reviving the corpse and cursing enemies. Necromancers fight from far with the help of allies they create for themselves with the dark forces.

All who oppose me…beware.

Necromancers are also referred to as The Priests of Rathma. They live with a strong believe that Sanctuary is effected by the eternal struggle between light and darkness which will never end. Even though they try to bring balance to the world.

Key Features

As a Commander of Dead Necromancer can summon troops of skeletons warriors and mages, golems and other awakened corpses to attack his enemies. By command, they will attack at once with a significant strike. Want not, waste not is the way Necromancer calling on Essence (energy harvested from living and dead beings), summoning the fading life force of corpses.

Also, Necromancer can take control of other creatures and use crowd control skills. In addition, combining it with curses. Moreover, there is a way to overcome your enemies with massive corpse destruction. Once you kill some mobs you can instantly use their bodies and explode them to clean your way through the numerous packs of monsters.


Necromancers prefer to use Scythes. A unique type of one-handed weapon that only necromancers can use. In the other hand Necromancers hold Phylactery – off-hand that manipulate the flow of Essence.

But you can also choose to use a two-handed Scythe if essence flow is not your main target.

Necromancer Armor Progression

If you like gothic style Necromancer’s outfit will touch your heart. You can see the examples of armor progression for Necromancer above.

Necromancer Sets

You can see the names of Necromancer sets below. Click on the name to expand it and see all the items of the set.

Diablo 3 Necromancer Builds

In the post below you can see all the best Diablo 3 builds. We used a navigation system and you will scroll to all Necromancer builds automatically.

Necromancer Builds List

We will update the list of all builds for every class. So you will see only the actual information.

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