Diablo Immortal 2020 update

After the out-breaking Diablo Immortal video we have written about recently Blizzard has shared some updates about the stage of the game development. Let’s have a better look at what’s new in Diablo Immortal in the 2020 Mid-year update.

First of all, you can check some other details about Diablo Immortal we know so far here. And after that continue reading this post.

So the most important thing we are waiting from Blizzard is a polished and intuitive game. There are a lot of mobile games on the market, but when you we think about Diablo Immortal we are expecting the game of the highest quality presented right now.

The other thing that we are eager about is the combat experience similar to Diablo III and developers claim that it is possible as they are working hard over it.

As you can see Diablo Immortal is pretty awesome already and might be on its final stage. We still don’t know Diablo Immortal release date, but what we know for sure is that a major testing is on the way. So if you haven’t subscribed to get the access for testing it then do.

We all hope to hear more about the game on the upcoming Blizzcon 2020.

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