Genshin Impact patch 2.2 leaks: New characters & banners, Inazuma map update

Testing of the 2.2 update for Genshin Impact has begun. As usual, testers gain access to the servers by agreeing to a strict NDA. Of course, the testers immediately started leaking captivating information. So a lot of things are already known about it. New characters such as Thoma are joining the roster, and the final map update of Inazuma is expected with the launch of Tsurumi Island.

Patch 2.2 is expected to include several of the last islands of Inazuma ahead of the opening of the new region, as well as a host of new characters to play and bosses to fight. That’s what we can see from original game banners which probably weren’t created by fans with the help of twitch banner maker as Crello or other online tools.

Genshin New Characters 2.2

Release date of version 2.2 of Genshin Impact

There is no fixed date to download version 2.2 of Genshin Impact, but given that miHoYo is running on a six-week patching schedule, you can expect the next update to ship in early October. Rumour has it that this will happen on October 12, exactly six weeks after the release of patch 2.1 on August 31.

Genshin Impact patch 2.2 new characters

The newcomer to the rating shooting range will be Thoma. He is a Pyro with a spear of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rarity. This guy actually became a guide for the Traveler and Paimon in the territory of Inazuma in the process of passing the starting quest “Unchanging God and Eternal Utopia.” He will appear in the banner with Tartaglia. 

Information about other 2.2 banners for Genshin Impact is also present on the site. A detailed guide for Thoma will appear very soon while using it will be possible to collect weapons, artefacts and identify squad members. Thoma’s abilities look like this:

  • First talent: area fire attack and shield cast. Its absorption of damage depends on the maximum health of the character.
  • Second talent: AoE fire attack and fire armor castes. While it is active, all attacks deal fire damage around the character.
  • While fishing, Thoma has a 20% chance to gain additional fish.
  • Normal Attack: Up to 4 hits with a halberd.
  • Empowered Attack: A forward lunge that attacks multiple enemies along the way.

Then miHoYo prepared a surprise for us, or rather 2 surprises at once. These are the reran of two popular characters in the game, Hu Tao and Child. Those who have not received them earlier, save up your prayers and do not rush to waste them on Shogun Raiden, because there is still time for it!

Genshin 2.2 New

Genshin Impact 2.2’s Tsurumi Island

Tsurumi in Inazuma is the southernmost part of the archipelago. How exactly the Traveler and Paimon will get there is unknown, since the main plot associated with the Hunt for the Eyes of God is closed. This place is shrouded in fog. Few people over the years decided to go to this part of the Electro-region.

Genshin Impact 2.2 Events

A repeat of the event with the lyre. It will be a very similar event to what we have seen before, but only with a new musical instrument. The event will have three difficulty levels and several tunes in different locations. At the end of the tests, Kazuha will present a weapon.

The next patch will be no less eventful than the current one. Little is said about the events that are implemented in it, but the overall picture of what the players have to do can already be formed:

  • To the World’s Sounds Listening is a musical event in which travelers will play on the “flower zither” received from Kazuha. It will be similar to the “Song of the Winds” that we passed during the Festival of the Wind Flowers.
  • Labyrinth Warriors are dungeon-based combat challenges with a special focus on Xin Yan, Tartaglia, and Kujo Saru.
  • Dreams of Bloom is a flower growing and giving event built on the newly added Gardening functionality.
  • Shadow of the Ancients – Katherine of the Adventurer’s Guild will give new assignments related to some mysterious mystery.
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