HOTS PTR Patch Notes – November, 23

Next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until November 30, PST. We will share with you information taken from Blizzard.

New Hero: Hogger, Scourge of Elwynn

Hogger, a chaotic, mobile, bruiser who creates terrain and deals heavy area damage, now joins the battle in the Nexus!

Trait [D]

  • Loot Hoard
    • Throw a pile of junk that deals 102 damage in a small area and acts as terrain for 5 seconds. Upon expiration, a scrap of Meat is dislodged from the Hoard that Hogger can collect to restore 3% of his maximum Health every second for 5 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Trait [Passive]

  • Rage
    • Rage is gained by taking damage or dealing Basic Attack damage. Hogger’s Basic Ability cooldowns refresh 1% faster for every 2 points of Rage. After 3 seconds of not gaining Rage, it begins to quickly decay.

Basic Abilities

  • Staggering Blow [Q]
    • Swing your chain in a wide arc, dealing 140 damage to enemies hit and knocking them away. If an enemy collides with terrain, they are dealt an additional 150 damage, Stunned for .75 seconds, and grant Hogger 10 Rage.
    • Cooldown: 12 seconds.
  • Ez-Thro Dynamite [W]
    • Toss a boot full of Dynamite with a 1.5 second fuse. Upon detonation, enemies take 180 damage and are Slowed by 30% for 2 seconds. The Dynamite instantly detonates when landing directly on an enemy Hero and grants Hogger 10 Rage.
    • Cooldown: 8 seconds.
  • Hogg Wild [E]
    • After .25 seconds, become Unstoppable and uncontrollably spin towards the targeted direction, ricocheting off any terrain encountered. Every .25 seconds, deal 36 damage to nearby enemies, increased by 1% for each current point of Rage. Ricocheting off terrain refreshes the duration of the spin.
    • Cooldown: 14 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

  • Hoardapult [R1]
    • Launch an empowered Loot Hoard with Hogger attached, dealing 140 damage and Slowing enemies by 50% for 2 seconds. Hoardapult’s Loot Hoard lasts for up to 20 seconds, but decays rapidly while Hogger isn’t nearby. Every 10 seconds Hogger can take a chunk of Meat from the Loot Hoard.
    • Cooldown: 50 seconds.
  • Shockwave [R2]
    • After .5 seconds, slam the ground, sending out a shockwave that travels in a long line. Enemies hit by the initial slam take 306 damage and are Stunned for 1.25 seconds. Enemies only hit by the shockwave take 210 damage and are Stunned for .75 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 70 seconds.


  • Level 1
    • Journeyman Cooking [W]
      • Quest: Hitting an enemy Hero with Ez-Thro Dynamite restores 6% of Hogger’s maximum Health and permanently increases Hogger’s Health by 10, to a maximum of 750 bonus Health.
    • Bones to Gnaw [Trait]
      • Loot Hoard creates Meat on ground impact. While Meat is active, gain 10 armor.
    • On The Prowl [Active]
      • Activate to gain 30 Rage over 8 seconds. Passive: Hogger heals for 6 Health every second, increased by 2% for each point of Rage he has.
      • Cooldown: 45 seconds.
  • Level 4
    • Brute Strength [Q]
      • Increase the range of Loot Hoard by 15%. Each Hero hit by Staggering Blow will permanently increase Hogger’s Basic Attack damage by 1, up to 100 bonus damage. Terrain collision impacts grant 2 stacks of this effect.
    • Aggro Range [E]
      • Increase Hogg Wild’s area by 25% and generate 1 Rage per enemy hit, increased to 3 against Heroes.
    • Hogger’s Joggers [Passive]
      • While at or above 30 Rage, Hogger gains 10% increased Movement Speed and healing received. When above 50 Rage, increase these bonuses to 15%.
  • Level 7
    • Seeing Red [Q/E]
      • While above 50 Rage, Staggering Blow and Hogg Wild’s cooldowns refresh 30% faster and Hogger gains 25% increased Attack Speed.
    • Dense Blasting Powder [W]
      • Direct hits launch an additional stack of dynamite beyond the target. Hitting an Ez-Thro Dynamite with Staggering Blow launches 3 sticks of Dynamite.
    • Garbage Fire [W/Trait]
      • Reduce the cooldown of Loot Hoard by 4 seconds. Loot Hoard deals 22 damage every .5 seconds and Slows nearby enemies by 20% in a large area.
  • Level 13
    • Dust Devil [E]
      • Hogg Wild grants 40 Armor while active and for 3 seconds after it ends. Increase this Armor value to 60 if Hogger has 50 or more Rage.
    • Pummel [E]
      • Enemies hit by Hogg Wild are Slowed by 10% for 1.5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Heroes hit also have their Spell Power reduced by 50% for 3 seconds.
    • Bloodthirst [Passive]
      • Hogger is healed for 33% of the damage dealt to Heroes by Basic Attacks, Hogg Wild, and Staggering Blow.
  • Level 16
    • Headbanger [Q]
      • Heroes that collide with terrain from Staggering Blow take an additional 8% of maximum health as damage and are stunned for an additional .5 seconds.
    • Kablooie! [W]
      • Direct Hits with Ez-Thro Dynamite deal 40% more damage, reduce its cooldown by 1.5 seconds and increase its Slow amount to 50%.
      • [Passive] Ez-Thro Dynamite’s range is increased by 25%.
    • Furzerker [Passive]
      • Hitting Heroes with Staggering Blow or Ez-Thro Dynamite increases the damage of Hogger’s next Basic Attack by 50%. Stacking up to 2 Basic Attacks.
      • When Hogg Wild ends, Hogger gains 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
  • Level 20
    • Secret Stash [R1]
      • Every 2 seconds, Hoardapult’s Loot Hoard launches Ez-Thro Dynamite towards a random nearby enemy Hero. Every 5 seconds, a chunk or Meat is also launched towards Hogger.
    • Power Spike [R2]
      • Each Hero hit by Shockwave has their Armor reduced by 15 for 4 seconds and grants Hogger 20 Rage.
      • [Passive] Shockwave’s cooldown is affected by Rage.
    • No Control [E]
      • Activate to cast an untalented Hogg Wild and chase an enemy Hero. After reaching the Hero, Hogger will switch to chasing another nearby enemy Hero. If no other enemy Heroes are within range of a chase target, this abilities’ duration will begin to rapidly decay. Lasts for up to 6 seconds. Cannot be canceled. 60 second cooldown.
    • Anger Management [Passive]
      • Increase Hogger’s maximum Rage by 50. Basic Attacks generate 5 additional Rage.


Many seasonal items will be returning to the collection, and will be available for crafting and in Loot Chests for a limited time!

  • New Bundles (Limited Time Only!)
    • Hogger Heroic Bundle
    • Winter Veil Classic Bundle
  • Returning Bundles (Limited Time Only!)
    • Toys 2018 Bundle
    • Toys 2019 Bundle
  • New Skins
    • Stormwind Hogger
    • Redridge Hogger
    • Duskwood Hogger
    • Shipwrecker Hogger
      • Admiral Shipwrecker Hogger
      • Drowned Shipwrecker Hogger
      • Stately Shipwrecker Hogger
  • New Mounts
    • Bottleship
      • Grog Bottleship
      • Seaweed Bottleship
  • New Announcer
    • Hogger Announcer
  • New Content
    • Several new Portraits, Emoji Packs and other items have been added to the Collection!

Storm League

  • Storm League Reward Mounts
    • The final reward of the 2020 Season 5 Questline will be the Quillbear Mount, which will be awarded after winning 35 games in Ranked Play.




  • Level 1
    • Hyper Shift [Z]
      • Bonus healing reduced from 10% to 8% maximum Health.



  • Health reduced from 2450 to 2375.
  • Health Regeneration reduced from 5.11 to 4.95.


  • Level 7
    • Blaze of Glory [W]
      • Damage increased from 135 to 150.



  • Level 7
    • Icefury Wand [Passive]
      • Adjusted functionality: Basic Attacks against Chilled targets deal 50% bonus damage and reduce the cooldown of Blizzard by 1.25 seconds, doubled against enemy Heroes.



  • Level 4
    • Shattered Ground [W]
      • Damage increased from 100% to 125% of Seismic Slam’s base damage.
  • Level 13
    • Ruthless [E]
      • Now shows Crit kickers when bonus damage is dealt.
      • Health threshold for bonus damage increased from 33% to 50%.
  • Level 16
    • Giant Slammer [W]
      • Damage increased from 1.25% to 1.5% maximum Health.



  • Level 4
    • Feral Resilience [W]
      • Physical Armor increased from 50 to 75.
  • Level 13
    • Spirit Shield [Active]
      • Spell Armor duration increased from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Level 20
    • Worldbreaker [R1]
      • Cooldown reduction increased from 20 to 40 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Alarak could become Protected and move without proccing Counter-Strike’s cooldown.
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