League of Legends Alistar Build Guide

Here is a post about Alistar champion from League of Legends. You will find brief information with tips and tips on how to play Alistar. Read our Alistar build and cheat sheet. In our League of Legends builds you will see the most popular and universal variation of any build.

Alistar is a great choice for support. First of all, he is tanky, has control and great initiation. But his passive is the best of all. Triumphant Roar: Alistar charges his roar by stunning or displacing enemy champions or when nearby enemies die. When fully charged he heals himself all nearby allied champions. So it means that you always have passive heal on lane and that is a great advantage. Alistar doesn’t spend mana on healing and doesn’t need to buy additional items to be useful.

Alistar Rune Set

Below you can see the best runes for Alistar. It is a good idea to take tank runes as it will give you and your ADC more sustain and laning time.

Alistar Rune Set

As for rune shard bonuses, take +8 ability haste and two shards that give +6 Armor each.

Summoner Spells

Recommended Setup





Any support will take Exhaust as the main addition to Flash. But Alistar can risk and take ignite to ensure a kill if there is a situation when his ADC wants to stay on the safe side.

Skill Order





Unbreakable Will




Here you can see the priority of abilities that you need to level up to play Alistar. The logic is the following. If R is active you max it if not you max Q and so on. But the first three skill points you spend one per each spell starting with Q and continue with the order shown above.

Alistar Item Set

Starting Items


Boots Options

Relic Shield

Health Potion x2

Oracle Lens

Mobility Boots

Boots of Swiftness

Core Items

Situative Items

Zeke's Convergence

Knight's Vow

Locket of the Iron Solari


Gargoyle Stoneplate

Best Build Example

Bulwark of the Mountain

Zeke's Convergence

Knight's Vow

Watchful Wardstone

Locket of the Iron Solari

Alistar item set is pretty simple and you can collect everything you see above starting from core items. There are some other situative items that can be useful for Alistar, such as Redemption or Mikael’s Blessing. but you will do just fine with the standard build above.

General Tips and Combos

As any support Alistar secures early-game for ADC. Don’t go in if you are not sure, but also don’t stay idle as Alistar cannot be passive support. You need to keep enemies from farming and be ready to stun enemy ADC when he comes to near. In mid-game you can roam easily if your ADC is far ahead your opponents. In teamfights Alistar must initiate and use crowd control to ensure a good start.

Also, you can learn some Alistar combos to play better.

W -> Q – To engage using Headbutt, while activating Pulverize mid-dash, so it will cast upon reaching your target.

Q -> W – To Pulverize them to prevent a quick escape, and then Headbutt them back into your team, or an allied tower, securing a quick kill.

Flash -> W – To engage, much like the Q – W combo above, but without waiting for an enemy to face check. 

E -> W -> Q – To turn a skirmish to your favor vs. melee support.

Counter Picks and Synergies

Strong against

Weak against





Synergies with



Morgana can prevent any combo from Alistar, so you should be careful. Bard is a good healer and has good control as well. In fact, Bard’s ultimate can prevent or dodge the initiation from Alistar. So you need to make him use his ultimate before you initiate a teamfight. There are not many other champions that can give a lot of trouble to Alistar be aware of Brand though as he’s got to much damage and control.

Pros & Cons
      • Hard engage
      • Really hard to die with his Ultimate Unbreakable Will
      • Lots of crowd control
      • Can easily punish bad positioning
      • Very predictable and can be demolished by experienced players
      • Wrong engages can be destructive
      • Doesn’t have a lot of good matchups
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