League of Legends Fizz Build Guide

Here is a post about Fizz champion from League of Legends. You will find brief information with tips and tips on how to play Fizz. Read our Fizz build and cheat sheet. In our League of Legends builds you will see the most popular and universal variation of any build.

The Tidal Trickster Fizz is one of the most popular midders in League of Legends for now. His main role is an assassin and he can stand on any solo lane. Of course, his primal position is a mid lane, but you can often see Fizz on top or even in the jungle. Fizz is determined as a moderate difficulty champion and it is for a reason. You need to learn how to use your abilities in the right sequence to one-shot enemies and find an appropriate moment to use the ultimate to get the most advantage from the situation.

As for the passive skill. It is called Nimble Fighter and it allows Fizz to move through units and take a flat amount of reduced damage from all sources. That can be handy in many situations.

Fizz Rune Set

There is one dominant rune set for Fizz that is stronger than any other combination. It is domination with precision. You can see this rune set below. It gives Fizz a lot of damage thanks to lethality and mage penetration. In advance, you will gain permanent health regen if you manage to achieve takedowns. And precision runes will enhance the bonuses with mana regeneration and adaptive damage.

Fizz Runes Set

The other rune set is focused on precision runes and takes dominant runes as a supportive mean. But it is not very popular and effective as well. CFizz is an assassin after all.

Summoner Spells

Recommended Setup





Flash is a standard spell that almost every champion takes. It helps you to escape or vice verse gets closer to the target to kill it. As for the other spells. The best option for Fizz is to take Ignite that will ensure the kill (if you don’t want to rush in to hit the last health points you use Ignite and stay on the safe side while the enemy dies). But if you play in a party with someone on the other lane you can discuss your actions in advance to gank on 6th level. At that situation, Teleport will come handy. It will give Fizz more access to the map. He can engage or provoke enemy’s early back, spilt push and come just before the teamfight. Everything is possible with a teleport.

Skill Order





Chum the Waters

Playful / Trickster

Seastone Trident

Urchin Strike

Here you can see the priority of abilities that you need to level up to play Fizz. The logic is the following. If R is active you max it if not you max E and so on. But the first three skill points you spend one per each spell starting with E.

Fizz Item Set

Starting Items


Boots Options

Corrupting Potion

Oracle Lens

Sorcerer's Shoes

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Core Items

Situative Items

Zhonya's Hourglass

Lich Bane

Hextech Rocketbelt

Liandry's Anguish

Mejai's Soulstealer

Best Build Example

Zhonya's Hourglass

Lich Bane

Hextech Rocketbelt

Rabadon's Deathcap

Void Staff

This table works as a Fizz Items cheat sheet. You can take all the items from the bottom row and play with them. They are perfect for any situation and a great match for Fizz Rune Set mentioned above. As for the situative items. Mejai’s Soulstealer will be useful if you are really ahead of your opponent and you see that you can snowball him. Liandry’s Anguish is great against tanky champions.

General Tips and Fizz Combos

All the major tips have been written along with the post. Focus on learning Fizz abilities and combos.

Combo #1
Trading in Lane WITHOUT Chum the Waters

Q > Auto Attack > E > Auto Attack > W

Combo #2
Trading in Lane WITHOUT Playful / Trickster nor Chum the Waters

Q > Auto Attack > W

Combo #3
One-Shot Combo With Max Range Chum the Waters

R > Wait for the Shark to chomp > W > Q > E

Combo #4
Lane Solo-Kill With Sneaky Chum the Waters

Q > R > Auto Attack > E > Auto Attack > W

Combo #5
Undodgeable Low-Range Chum the Waters Mid-Urchin Strike

Q > R > Auto Attack > E > Auto Attack > W

Combo #6
Variation of One-Shot Combo With Max Range Chum the Waters

R > Wait for the Shark to chomp > E > W > Q

Don’t jump into a losing fight and don’t forget to ultimate the squishy champions first. Also, remember that last hitting a champion doesn’t count as something great if you die after that. So play as a perfect assassin that can go in, kill all or many and escape in time.

Counter Picks and Synergies

Strong against

Weak against





Synergies with

Nunu & Willump


These are the examples of good and bad counter picks against Fizz. Also, you can see the variants for topper if you play together with a friend. You can think of many winning engages with such combinations.

Pros & Cons
      • Great Engagement
      • High Damage
      • Can one-shot
      • Easily escapes
      • Need to learn many combos
      • Requires good understanding of map
      • Requires map control
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