League of Legends Mystery Chest Details

Started playing League of Legends and came across mystery chests? Here you will learn all the details about the League of Legends Mystery chest and how to obtain them.

What are LoL mystery chests?

Mystery chest is an upgraded version of mystery gift. You can send mystery gifts to your friends as well as mystery chests. If you decide to send a mystery chest he will receive a mystery skin that is worth 975 RP or more. But you pay for it only 790 RP.

But remember that you cannot buy mystery chests for yourself, only as a gift to your friend.

What skins can be in a mystery chest?

There is a list of special requirements to skins that may appear in mystery chests. If a skin meets all of them it is eligible for appearing is mystery chest. The list of these requirements is:

  • Your friend owns the champion for the skin
  • The skin is worth at least 975 RP
  • The skin is available for purchase in the store

But not all Legacy skins will eligible. The following skins will not appear in mystery box:

  • Achievement skins,
  • Collector’s Edition skins,
  • PAX skins,
  • Rusty Blitzcrank,
  • Urf the Manatee,
  • Championship Riven,
  • Riot Squad Singed.

Another exception is mythic skins that can be crafted with gemstones. Also, your friend cannot get the skins that he or she already has.

How can I get a Mystery Chest in LoL?

First of all, remember that you cannot get it for yourself. Second of all, there are specific requirements for the receiver:

  • Needs to have been on your buddy list for at least one day.
  • Cannot be banned or suspended.
  • Must have at least 10 unowned skins that they are eligible to receive for champions they own.

It is very important to own champions and as you will not get the mystery chest.

The player that sends a mystery box needs to meet only one requirement and it is:

  • Must be at least level 10.

In addition, you cannot give or receive more than 10 mystery chests per 24h. That means that you can send or get the 11th chest after 24h from the 1st one and the count doesn’t reset at midnight.

And last but not least important, you cannot refund gifts, so be careful.

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