League of Legends PsyOps Mission and Skins

We welcome new event and skin set in League of Legends. Like any event, PsyOps has its timing, missions and awesome skins. We will tell you everything we know about PsyOps missions so far and also share with you pictures of PsyOps skins. Read on.

PsyOps Mission

PsyOps 2020 missions started yesterday, 3rd September. And for now, you can do the following missions to get some cool stuff.


  • OBJECTIVE: Play 30 matchmade games.
  • REWARD: PsyOps event orb and 50 PsyOps 2020 tokens.

PsyOps->Breaking and Entering

  • OBJECTIVE: Win a matchmade game where your team took 7 or more structure.
    OR Play 5 matchmade games.
  • REWARD:  PsyOps icon.

BRG->Rats in Paradise

  • OBJECTIVE: Play a matchmade game where you, or someone on your team, scored first blood.
    OR Play 5 matchmade games.
  • REWARD: 10 PsyOps 2020 tokens.

There are more to come in the nearest future and we will share wit you news as soon as possible.

Also, you can buy as PsyOps Missions Pass and get extra rewards on each milestone.

PsyOps Missions Pass rewards

If you decide to buy PsyOps pass you are going to get each reward at each milestone as follows:

  • 25 prestige points
  • 2 Gemstones
  • 4 emotes
  • 1 PsyOps Orb
  • 1250 Orange Essence
  • 3000 Blue Essence
  • 1 icon
  • 1 Hextech key
  • 1 Masterwork chest
  • 10 Wins XP boost

Awesome rewards, aren’t they?

When do PsyOps Missions end?

Well, they have only started and there will be more PsyOps content added to League of Legends on 18th September. As for the end date, PsyOps Missions end 1st October 2020. There is plenty of time to get all you’ve planned.

PsyOps Skins Full List

We will start from the one with the prestige version and will continue in a specific order. First, you will see the skins available now: Ezreal, Master Yi, Shen, Sona, and Vi. And after that, we attach those PsyOps skins that will be added on 18th September 2020: Kayle, Pyke, Samira, Viktor, and Zed. Enjoy and tell us, which of them did you like the most?

PsyOps Ezreal and PsyOps Prestige Ezreal

Available now! Price: 1350 RP
Prestige edition Price: 2000 PsyOps tokens

PsyOps Master Yi

League of Legends PsyOps MasterYi

Available now! Price: 1350 RP

PsyOps Shen

League of Legends PsyOps Shen

Available now! Price: 1350 RP

PsyOps Sona

League of Legends PsyOps Sona

Available now! Price: 1820 RP

PsyOps Vi

League of Legends PsyOps Vi

Available now! Price: 1350 RP

PsyOps Kayle

League of Legends PsyOps Kayle

Coming September 18th, 2020. Price: 1350 RP

PsyOps Pyke

League of Legends PsyOps Pyke

Coming September 18th, 2020. Price: 1350 RP

PsyOps Samira

League of Legends PsyOps Samira

Coming September 18th, 2020. Price: 1350 RP

PsyOps Viktor

League of Legends PsyOps Viktor

Coming September 18th, 2020. Price: 1350 RP

PsyOps Zed

League of Legends PsyOps Zed

Coming September 18th, 2020. Price: 1350 RP

This is everything we know about PsyOps missions and PsyOps skins so far. Check our website for more details. Later we are going to write about how to get PsyOps tokens!

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