Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Guide

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the recent sequel of the popular series. You can read more about this game in our Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin FAQ. In this post you will learn where to find the best eggs in Monster Hunter Stories and how to hatch them.

The aim of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is to build the best monstie party. You can do so by obtaining different monster eggs throughout the world. The number of monsters is huge, you will encounter around 200+ different monsters in many variations and around 85+ of them can join your monstie party.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Eggs

Where to find eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Actually, there are many different ways to obtain eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Some of them are better than others and we will explain why.

So here is the list of the may ways of getting monster eggs:

  • reward for completing story events and quests
  • search for them in random Monster Dens and static Everdens in the world
  • force a amonster to retreat and create a den with a greater chance of their eggs there
  • search for the eggs in random Golden Monster Dens

All the eggs that you may find are accessed by their weight and smell. That you can know from Navirou. But don’t get too many of the best eggs to prevent them from disappearing.

Depending on those characteristics there are three types of eggs:

  • standard – with basic smell and weight
  • golden – with bonus base stats
  • rainbow – with rainbow gene

To sum up, don’t miss the egg that sparkles when you collect it. The best way to find precious eggs is to visit Golden Monster Dens, you will not regret the time spent on it.

As we have already mentioned you can force monsters to retreat and create their den with a chance of spawning their eggs there. To do so you’ll need to craft a paintball and use it from your inventory when the monster is on low health.

If you have many repeating monsters you can leave them for later or release them and continue catting the ones you need.

How to hatch eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Look at your map to find a little egg icon. That is the place that every village has and it is called the stables. There you can bring your eggs to hatch them. When you come to the stables you will see a yellow bubble above Felyne’s head which means you have some eggs to hatch. The better the egg the more stats and boosts you’ll see with a chance of getting better genes too.

All the eggs that you obtain will appear in the stables automatically, but there is a cap. To increase the size of your stable purchase stable upgrades with Bottle Caps from the Melynx Inc. NPC.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Genes

Also, at the stables, you can manage your monstie party and Expedition Party as well as perform the Rite of Channeling. But first, you’ll need to unlock those features.

How to farm the best eggs?

We’d like also to share with you some tips about successful egg hunting:

  • remeber that that heavy and smelly eggs have better Monstie qualities and Stats
  • focus on gold and sjiny eggs as they are better too
  • clear out all Monster Den for preventing any threats and get more resources before getting the egg
  • finish the game to get High Rank Monster Eggs
  • increase the size of your stables by getting stable expansion plans from the Melynx Inc. dealer using bottle caps you can farm from Everdens all across the Monster Hunter Stories 2 world
Monster Hunter Stories 2 Best Eggs

And remember that you will need to go through all the stories and complete the game to get all of the best eggs around the world of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

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