How To Get Brawlers for Free

Brawler Stars is a mobile online game where your success in a fight depends on your team of Brawlers. Therefore many players focus on obtaining the best ones to win. But to get all of them is a tricky task especially if you want to get Brawlers for free. In this post we will try to explain how to do it. Check out some of our previous posts about Brawl Stars below.

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To fight against other players you will need special characters called Brawlers. Each of them is different and has its special set of abilities and stats. Also, they come in different types such as Chromatic, Legendary, Mythic, Epic, Super Rare, and Rare -where Rare has the lowest rarity and Chromatic the highest. How to get Brawlers? Simple, play the game of course. Some of them are harder to obtain though, but with a bit of luck and time, you’ll manage.

Brawl Boxes

All Brawlers can be obtained from in-game boxes. It is the main way of getting the characters and additional items. You can get the boxes from the Shop, Brawl Pass and Trophy Road. In the picture below you can see that there are three types of them. Big Boxes are equivalent to 3 regular boxes, and Mega Boxes are equivalent to 10 regular boxes.

Brawl Stars Brawl Boxes

Drop chances:

  • Power Points + Coins ~ 92.05%
  • Rare Brawler ~ 2.77%
  • Super Rare Brawler ~ 1.25%
  • Epic Brawler ~ 0.56%
  • Mythic Brawler ~ 0.26%
  • Legendary Brawler ~ 0.11%
  • Star Power ~ 1.00%
  • Gadget ~ 2.00%

Collect Trophies

Trophies are something that you got for playing and winning matches in Brawl Stars. The better you play the more you get. Check out your Trophy Road to learn how many trophies you need to unlock a particular Brawler. But remember that you’ll need to reach the checkpoint before you get Brawlers, power point, boxes, etc.

Brawl Stars Trophy Road

Trophies needed to unlock Brawler:

  • Nita – 10
  • Colt – 60
  • Bull – 250
  • Jessie – 500
  • Brock – 1000
  • Dynamike – 2000
  • Bo – 3000
  • Tick – 4000
  • 8-BIT – 6000
  • Emz – 8000
  • Stu – 10000

Shop and Brawl Pass

Brawl Stars Shop Offers

You can collect free gems and spend them to buy Brawlers or Brawl Pass. It is the fastest way to get any Brawler in the game. And you will see that many of them have discounts frequently.

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