The Necromancer Archetype – Blight League

Later we’ve wrote about upcoming new league in Path of Exile called Blight in our Blight announcement post. There we highlighted main features added into the new league. Such as new gameplay, items, trial system etc. But among all we also mentioned about three reworked archetypes coming to Path of Exile. Here we will write about The Necromancer Archetype and all possible changes that it will face.

The Necromancer Archetype Blight spotlight

Several days ago Grinding Gear Games announced what new nodes and Necromancer Ascendancy will look like in Blight league, which by the way will hit soon 6th September! Above you can see an official early look we took from GGGames official Reddit page.

The Necromancer Archetype main changes

If it is easier for you, we wrote the changes below as well. We devided them into groups.

Minion damage

  • Increased skill effect duration by 10% and minion damage by 15% (Minion damage, Skill duration)
  • Your cast seed increased by 4% and minions deal 15% increased damage (Minion damage, Cast Speed)
  • On consuming a corpse (lasts 4 seconds) you and your minions have increased area of effect by 30%; if there is at least one corps next to you, you and your nearby alias deal 10% more damage and enemies deal 10% reduced damage (Plaguebringer)
  • Minions deal 15% increased damage and have 10% more maximum life (Minion damage and life)
  • Minions deal 30% increased damage and have 30% increased movement speed, 10% increased attack speed and 10% increased cast speed (Mindless Aggression)
  • Increased maximum mana by 8% and minions deal 15% more damage (Minion damage, Mana)
  • Minions deal 15% increased damage and 5% increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills (Minion Damage. Aura Effect)

Supportive & Protective

  • Your offerings effect you, but have 25% reduced effect; 30% increased skill effect duration and minion duration (Mistress of Sacrifices)
  • Grants level 20 Bone Armour Skill. Besides 1% additional physic damage reduction per minion, up to 10%. Also, +3% to all elemental resistances per minion, up to 30%. Moreover, you’ll get 3% increased recovery rate life and energy shield per minion, up to 30%. And also minions have 20% more maximum life (Bone Barrier)
  • Get more 2 levels of all minion skill gems (Unnatural Strength)
  • Increased maximum mana by 20%, for each nearby corpse you and you alias regenerate 0.2% of energy shield per second, up to 2.0% per second as well as regenerate 5 mana per second up to 50 per second and regenerate 8% of energy shield and mana over 2 seconds when you consume a corpse (Essence Glutton)

Control & Auras

  • On consuming a corpse recently (past for 4 seconds) get 30% increased damage and 2% increased attack and cast speed. After spawning (not killing) a corpse near enemies are chilled and shocked (chill reduces enemy action speed by 10% and shock increases damage taken by 20%), besides the corpses that you spawn have 50% increased maximum life (Corpse Pact)
  • Get 3% increased attack and cast speed to you and your allies from auras from your skills, moreover you and your allies deal 30% increased damage and +20% to Elemental resistances (Commander of Darkness)

As you can see Necromancer Archetype in Blight league is going to be really powerful. Especially with a newly reworked Raise Spectre gem. All the details you can learn through the link.

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