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Old World is a historical turn-based strategy game where everything depends on your rule. One of the most innovative things is that your character (emperor) is mortal. So your throne will be inherited and the dynasty will grow. Old World Upcoming as an Early Access in the Epic Store before summer 2020 and is available for pre-purchasing. And we will write further about some more fascinating features.

Old World Upcoming features

First of all, the Old World has an innovative turn-based system. Instead of classical movement points, you will get Orders. You can move as many times as you want but you’ll need to spend orders for such actions as Combat, Construction, Events, Diplomacy etc.

Moreover, you must protect your throne and pay attention to your Legitimacy. You will need to complete wonders, complete ambitions and gain renown (as “the Wise” or “the Avenger” or “the Peacemaker”). So that people will respect and follow your leadership.

As we have already mentioned your character is mortal. Every turn will count as a year, so you will need to find a good match for you to marry and produce an heir. When you play as an heir you’ll pick a new ambition as a ruler.

Old World Upcoming Early Access

Everything depends on your choices. Old Wold contains more than 1000 events that will occur during your game. They will form memories, give you traits influence the future. The interesting thing is that many of them inspired by real historical events!


The aim of the game is to complete 10 ambitions. So that your dynasty wins. Each your new game session will differ from the previous one. And it is amazing!

Old World has an interesting diplomacy aspect. Every ruler will have four noble families. Those you assign to steward your cities. But you need to be careful as you need to find the balance between them as they can rebel and take your throne.

As for the territories. Cities form cohesive blocks of territory, with an urban centre and rural hinterlands. Everything you build from wonders to construction need territories. Each building occupies one block. The size of your empire depends on your management. Construct improvements and train specialist on the map wisely to wide your belongings.

Old World Upcoming before summer 2020

Also, the interesting thing is that you can gain resources by different means. You can collect them, of course, but also you can buy and sell them in the marketplace at any time. But with the prices fluctuating based on supply-and-demand.

As for the technology. The way you learn a new one depends on the deck. It means that you have a technologies deck of cards. Every time you can learn a new one you will see four cards. You can choose only one every time and skip others. Moreover, the cards that you skipped won’t draw until the deck is reshuffled. This can be very tricky but adds some interest and unpredictability in the game.

If you liked Old World upcoming game announcement then don’t forget to pre-purchase it. Or follow our blog for more updates about the game.

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