Overwatch Tracer’s Comic Challenge Details

A new event where you can get awesome skin for free is now active in Overwatch! Last time you had the opportunity to get Maestro Sigma skin and this time it is Comic Book Tracer. We will tell you all the details about Tracer’s Comic Challenge and rewards that you can get.

Tracer’s Comic Challenge

This is a limited-time event. So there is a specific period of time when you can get the rewards. Tracer’s Comic Challenge will be held during 15-28th September 2020. So hurry up if you want to get all the rewards.

There are two ways to get rewards: play to earn and watch to earn. We will tell you about them and the relevant rewards further.

Tracer’s Comic Challenge Rewards

Play and win games to get player icon, seven unique sprays, and Comic Book Tracer (epic) skin. The number of games you need to win to get each of the rewards is mentioned below.

Win 3 GamesGet player icon
Win 6 GamesGet 1 unique Spray
Win 9 GamesGet Comic Book Tracer (epic) skin

Note that you can get all of the rewards for a total of 9 wins in any of the following game modes:

  • Quick Play
  • Competitive Play
  • Arcade

The rewards you get during Tracer’s Comic Challenge are additional to those you get for playing Arcade mode.

Watch Twitch Streamers with Overwatch drops on to get specific rewards for watching Overwatch Streams. You can see all of the remaining 6 unique sprays that you get as a reward from Twitch drops below.

Tracer's Comic Challenge Rewards Twitch Drops

Don’t forget to link your Blizzard account to Twitch to get the drops. Also, you can sort out streamers on Twitch to see which of them are participating in the program. By the way, you can watch our Expert Game Reviews Overwatch Streams too to get the drops. The drop is guaranteed if you watch a stream for the need time (yes, you can do breaks).

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