Path of Exile 3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops Details

During Path of Exile 3.13.0 Livestream reveal on January 7(PST), Twitch Drops will be enabled! Just link your Path of Exile account with your Twitch account, watch our livestream and you can earn your own Magma Wings!

How to Participate

Just simply link your Path of Exile account to Twitch (see below) and watch the 3.13.0 Livestream at, or any Path of Exile stream this Thursday starting from 11AM (PST) and until the end of our official livestream (2PM (PST)). That’s it!

Path of Exile 3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops Details

Linking your Path of Exile Account to Twitch

  • Step 1) Log into Path of Exile website.
  • Step 2) Click here to check your Twitch Settings.
  • Step 3) Link your Twitch account or click ‘update permissions’ if you’ve linked your account previously. Once your account is linked or your permissions have been updated, this page should say ‘Your account is eligible to participate in Twitch Drops’.

Don’t forget to turn on notifications on Twitch not to miss it. Also, you can watch our stream on and get drops.

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