Rift Rewards for Southeast Asia and Taiwan

Here you will see all the details about the event in Wild Rift for Southeast Asia and Taiwan region.

Start: December 7th, 2020 / 00:00 UTC+0
End: February 8th, 2021 / 23:59 UTC+0
Duration once joined
: 5 weeks + 1 week grace period (6 week total)
Location: Southeast Asia and Taiwan

Players who log in between the dates listed above will get a pop-up inviting them to join the fun! It’s at this point (upon receiving the event invitation) that your personal 6-week event will begin, so start conquering those missions to earn all your rewards!

The main task here is to log in to Wild Rift and connect your Riot Account with Wild Rift account. After that during some period of time you will get the reward.

These rewards are available to ALL players, regardless of whether or not you’ve played League of Legends before. If you’re able to play the game right now, then these rewards are yours for the taking.

Rift-to-Rift Rewards

Players who have spent any amount of time on League of Legends will earn special bonus rewards, with more time spent translating to even more goodies. This includes champions, baubles, icons etc. This is related to the time you have spent in Summoners Rift.

In addition, you will see rewards for money spent. That means that if you have made purchases in League of Legends you will get great rewards depending on the amount of money you had spent. Usually you will get free skins for that.

Rift Rewards

The path to earning your Rift Rewards is full of twists and turns that will lead you through lane and jungle alike!

Players will get a new set of missions each week for five weeks, plus an extra week on the end to wrap up any loose ends. Completing each set of missions will earn you rewards, which include free champions and skins.

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