Path of Exile 3.13 – Best Starter Ritual League Builds

Traditionally we have prepared the list of the best Path of Exile starter builds for the upcoming 3.13 patch with brand new endgame mechanics with Echoes of the Atlas and new challenge Ritual League.

ULTIMATUL LEAGUE Best Starter Builds

All the Builds are updated to meet the changes of all ascendancies!

Earthquake Juggernaut

Juggernaut ascendancy

Updated: Changes to Juggernaut Ascendancy had little or no effect on this build.

Since the Earthquake was added to the game, it has never lost its relevance. A great skill for the melee build, and if you add a huge amount of revisions and regen from Juggernaut Ascendancy here, you get an excellent combination. High AoE damage and sufficient armour allow you to clean maps quickly and easily. And if you wish, you can always spend currency on upgrades in order to be able to kill any end-game bosses.


  • High AoE damage
  • Great overall damage reduction
  • Good HP regeneration

Build Guide example“EQ JUGG” Earthquake Juggernaut

Cremation Necromancer

Necromancer ascendancy

Updated: Despite a minor nerf to the Necromancer Ascendancy (removed increased Damage if you have consumed a corpse Recently and maximum Mana), this build has not lost its relevance as a great league starter. Moreover, it is great for farming rituals.

Who, if not Necromancer will be able to unleash the full potential of the skill associated with corpses. And despite the fact that for high DPS stats some uniques are required, you have enough damage without them to quickly and efficiently clear maps. Not very demanding to start, it has several skills for survival (Bone Offering for blockbusting and Arcane Cloak for damage absorb), this build will allow you to start Ritual league without difficulties and farm a good amount of currency in a short time.


  • Easy League starter
  • Great AoE and single target damage
  • Good defences

Build Guide exampleGryph’s Thirsty Archmage Cremation Necromancer

Lightning Trap Saboteur

Saboteur ascendancy

Updated: Changes to Saboteur Ascendancy affected Trap Damage (part of increased Trap Damage was removed), however Cooldown Recovery Rate for throwing Traps is up, and Blind Enemies on Hit now always works.

If you are tired of physical/elemental reflect maps, then it’s time to try playing with the trap build. Saboteur has always had high traps and mines damage, allowing him to kill end-game bosses in seconds. And this build is no exception. The build is very good at the very beginning of the league, there are enough rare items for farming maps, while it has good potential when investing currencies on upgrades – it all depends on your decision.


  • Easy to start
  • Can clear all map mods
  • HC viable

Build Guide exampleDissentXTV Battle Trapper

Caustic Arrow Raider

Raider ascendancy


CA is a very simple skill with good damage and AoE. If you are primarily interested in great survivability, then Raider is perfect for this role. High mobility and a wide range of defensive mechanics will allow you not only to quickly but also safely clear maps of any shooting range. For endgame content, you will have to improve the equipment, but this will not cost too much currency. The Ascendancy classes rework made it possible to have Permanent Phasing and Onslaught, as well as additional chances to Dodge and Evade damage, which added even more advantages to this build.


  • Easy to play
  • Very tanky
  • Flexible build

Build Guide exampleDankawSL Caustic Arrow Raider

Flicker/Cyclone Gladiator

Gladiator ascendancy


Flicker Strike allows you to kill packs in a second, while its main advantage is that it teleports the character to a nearby enemy. This makes Flicker some of the fastest builds in the game. High damage and good survivability will allow you to quickly and efficiently clean any maps. And the more mobs on them, the better!


  • Fast clear speed
  • High damage
  • All content viable

Build Guide exampleBlazer780 Glad Flicker/Cyclone

The list of builds that have lost their advances after the recent ascendency changes reveal.

Below you can see the builds that have been nerfed and will no longer be the best option for starting Ritual League. But they are still good and if you want to try them out you can of course.

Split Arrow Bleed Gladiator

Gladiator ascendancy

Updated: Gladiator Ascendancy has lost some of the increased Bleeding damage, as well as the Painforged nerf (Removed increased Damage if you’ve taken no Damage from Hits Recently). All this negatively affected the overall damage, so it will be much more difficult to achieve optimal damage for cleaning maps.

Thanks to the Gratuitous Violence Ascendancy skill, this build boasts a high map clear speed. In addition, it will not affect the bosses in any way – Puncture will help you to kill them without much difficulty. At the same time, Gladiator Ascendancy will also allow you to have good survivability, which makes the gameplay of this build simple and not very demanding on equipment. At least for white and yellow maps farming.


  • Very fast clear speed
  • High Chaos resistance
  • Excellent for Delve and Blight

Build Guide exampleBleed Bow Gladiator

Elemental Hit Ballista Totem Hierophant

Hierophant ascendancy

Updated: The new Ascendancy nodes have had a significant impact on the class selection for this build. And most likely it would be wiser to replace Hierophant with Chieftain, especially considering the buff Tukohama, War’s Herald (2% of Damage dealt by your Totems is Leeched to you as Life).

Totem-based builds are always good for starting a league. And this build is proof of that. The main plus of this build is the ability to clean red maps without 5-6L items. With the help of cheap unique items (2 Combat Focus jewels and Frostferno helmet), Elemental Hit will have high damage even without Supported gems. And not only do totems allow you to stay far from dangerous mobs, but also high Evasion and Dodge chances will allow you to avoid accidental one-shots.


  • Good Clear Speed
  • Very safe gameplay
  • Cheap uniques

Build Guide exampleElemental Hit Ballista Totem Hiero

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