Path of Exile 3.16 Starter Builds – Scourge League

Path of Exile 3.16 is coming soon the next league called Scourge will be revealed on Twitch on 14th October. And PoE 3.16 release date is 22nd October 2021. Scourge league is going to present some new mechanics and players can already see some changes that will occur in PoE patch notes. Due to this, we have made a new list of Path of Exile 3.16 starter builds for playing in Scourge league.

Some of the main changes that will hit the game are the fixes of the changes that were implemented during the previous league. The Expedition was not the most successful league in PoE due to many balance nerfs that players didn’t meet well. So this time GGG decided to explain each of their steps. The first balance patch notes were released yesterday and you can check them via the links that we share below:

While making the list of the best Path of Exile 3.16 starter builds we took into account all the upcoming balance fixes. So below you can see the list of builds that will help you start your journey in the Scourge league and farm some cash to upgrade your gear for the endgame.








Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge league starts on 22nd October and we have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming league. If some new fixes will be revealed we will update this post. Meanwhile, these are the best PoE 3.16 starter builds.

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