Path of Exile: Heist Announcement

Grinding Gear Games continue to surprise PoE players! New Path of Exile league, which is called Heist is going to bring a lot of fun! So we are going to tell you some details about the upcoming PoE league further, but you don’t forget to watch the announcement trailer below.

Path of Exile: Heist launches 18th September 2020

The trailer is stunning. I am eager to try playing Heist right away! Anyway, let’s have a better look at the content that will be in the new challenging league.

PoE Heist Details

As far as we can see the Heist combines old fashion masters upgrades and an alternative way of farming mini-maps. I will explain myself further. So there are going to be 13 rogues that you need to hire for a specific job of taking something that doesn’t belong to you from the place guarded by lots of mobs. You will form a crew from these rogues. Each of them will be a specialist in a particular job, like breaking locks, burning out and breaking the passage and many other ways of entering rooms with loot.

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But before you go on a heist with your crew you need to prepare and make up a plan. First of all, you’ll need to analyze the blueprint of the robbing place and assign for this task the rogues that can unlock the rooms you need. After that equip your crew with the best items you’ve got and set sail.

According to the first description of Heist league, the breaking in and looting should not be fast. You need to be as quiet and unseen as possible until you clear the last room. You will see an alarm bar, your task is not to fill it in until you get to the last room. Otherwise, everything you’ve robbed will disappear and the contract fails.

In addition to simple Heists, there will be a Grand Heist to plan. It will take you more time to plan and prepare for it. As you will need to level up your crew members’ abilities and find better equipment for them. But your efforts will pay off with excellent awards, that you will get only from Grand Heists:

  • Alternate Quality Gems
  • Replica Unique Items
  • Experimented Base Types (a variety of new item base types that have exotic properties that differ from their core-game counterparts)
  • Weapon and Body Armour enchantments that you can select in Grand Heist

All of it sounds like a great adventure and we promise to come back with more Path of Exile guides to help you make an easy and interesting start in Path of Exile Heist league.

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