Path of Exile Heist League Preview, Details and Release Date

Yesterday we shared with the information about Heist announcement. Today we want to tell you more details about the major additions to Path of Exile and what to expect in Heist expansion.

PoE Heist League Preview

New PoE league will challenge you with new intriguing mechanics. Meet 13 rogues with skills that will help you plan and execute the Heist. Rob the place out and get rewards that will make your build and gear better. Also, you will find a way to change your skill gems and items.

Make a plan to see what rooms to clear and what crew assign for the specific task. Equip your crew members and level up their skills to increase the success level of your operation. We will tell even more details further.

The Rogue Harbour

Path of Exile: Heist Rogue Harbour

This is the place where you hire those 13 rogues. Each of the thieves will help you with transportation, lockpicking or demolition during planning or executing a heist. In addition, The Rogue Harbour provides services of some specific services to enter even better rewards.

Contracts and Markers

To rob something you need to know where to go and how to act. In other words, you need a map or at least a clue. Contracts contain those clues and act as a map. You can find them in Wraeclast along with Markers (coins with the Rogue Harbour emblem). Markers serve as currency for trading in the Rogue Harbour, you can hire your crew members for it, for example.

Contacts will have different quality simple to maps. You will see different modifiers that influence the difficulty of your run. But these are simple robberies. To get something truly worth, you’ll need to execute a Grand Heist.

Grand Heist

First of all, remember that planning phase is very important, because if you can’t escape the Heist you will lose all the loot. You will need to secure and help your rogues to reach the destination unseen and before alarm bar is full. If you trigger the alarm the facility will be locked down and you will need to escape as soon as possible.

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Grand Heist Preparation

It will consist of the following steps:

  • equip and level up your crew
  • get blueprints
  • plan the grand heist
  • execute the grand heist
  • escape and secure your loot

Let’s give you more details about the next steps.

Equip and Level up your Crew

Each rogue will have three slots for specializes items that will make them stealthier, deadlier, and more adept at their roles. And one slot for a trinket that we will describe further.

The items can be crafted with Path of Exile currency to make it more suitable for your rogue. Rogue’s equipment will have different rarity and quality too, so you will need to work hard to make a perfect crew.

Also, the rogue will have up to four stats. Such as lockpicking, trap disabling, hook grappling etc. These stats can be levelled up to perform the more difficult operation in future. We guess that these stats will level up automatically when your rogues perform them.

PoE Blueprints

Path of Exile: Heist Blueprint

These are just like contracts, but you will need to unlock them further. They can be crafted with the mods you need to get the desired loot. Also, to use as blueprint your crew must meet the requirements mentioned in its description. For example, Perception level 1, Demolition level 2 Engineering level 1. Such low requirements you will see on white blueprints, but the better blueprint quality is the higher levels it requires.

Plan a Grand Heist

After you obtain the blueprint you wanted and hire the crew you need to plan everything. Engage with the table and put the blueprint in the slot. You’ll see the rooms, what they hold and what skill do you need to break into them. Make a route for your crew, and plan the escaping way as well. If you are lucky you can get a lot of Grand Heist rewards.

Grand Heist rewards

We will describe all of the major ones below.

Thieves’ Trinkets

This is one of the Grand Heist rewards. These trinkets can be equipped into that fourth slot we’ve mentioned before. The modifiers on the trinkets influence the loot that drops in the facility. Some of them influence the loot that drops from mobs, others from chests or even from Heist’s special reward chests.

Alternate Quality Gems

Alternate Quality Gems Fix

Each of Path of Exile gems (skill and passive) have up to three alternative qualities versions which grant different quality bonuses than original gems. The most exciting thing is that some alternatives can change the whole principal of your build and make you extremely powerful.

Replica Unique Items

These are the alternative unique items that can differ from the original version with some quality modifiers. You can use them to strengthen or modify your build.

For example, Lioneye’s Paws Bronzescale Boots Trigger Level 5 Rain of Arrows but Replica Lioneye’s Paws Bronzescale Boots Trigger Level 5 Toxic Rain. Also, the replica version adds chaos damage instead of fire damage as in the original version.

Experimented Base Types

Experimented Base Types are a variety of new item base types that have exotic properties that differ from their core-game counterparts. It means that there are more new base types for items and more varieties for the craft. Moreover, these new Experimented Base Types will have more potential.

Heist Enchantments

The final reward that you can get from Grand Heist. These enchantments can be applied only to weapons and body armour. The modifiers you get differs and can come really handy especial “link all sockets” one. The others will give your gear a lot of power. The only trick id to find and get the needed one.

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Path of Exile: Heist Release Date

We said this many times before and will tell as many times as needed as we are waiting for the start with you! Path of Exile: Heist Release Date is 18th September 2020.

This is everything we know about Path of Exile Harvest league so far. Some other items will be added to the core as well. But we will tell you more about them later.

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