Path of Exile Useful Tools and Links

We decided to write a full guide with links to the most useful recourses, tools and links that will help you play Path of Exile more comfortable and easier. Below you will see the links to them with description divided by groups.

Loot Filter Links

Loot filter is one of the most important things in Path of Exile. The game has many items and you will not have enough time to sort them out yourself. A loot filter will help you concentrate your attention only on the needed or most valuable ones. You can design your own loot filter for PoE but there are many players who have designed their filters and share them with others. Here is the list of resources that will help you build your own loot filter for Path of Exile:

  • Item filter guide – Build your own loot filter with this official guide.
  • Grinding zone – Online tool that will help you edit and build your own loot filter.
  • FilterBlade – Interactive web-based loot filter tool built by NeverSink. You can customize it to your needs.
  • FilterCloud – Online tool that will help you edit your loot filter, can define filtering rules on the current market values.
  • Filterblast – A web-based tool created to effectively make, share, update and enjoy ingame loot filters.

PoE Map-Trading Resources

End-game content in Path of Exile is based on farming maps. You will not get the access to all tier maps at one so you need to farm low level maps then add conditions to have a chance to get better maps. All this process can be long and puzzling, that’s why many players prefer to buy maps instead of farming them on lower maps.

The first one will show you players that can sell you many maps at once and s the second one allows you to find players that can exchange maps with you.

PoE Trading Sites

Trade is an important part of the game. Usually at the start of a league in Path of Exile you need to find a starter build that will help you farm currency needed to buy gear for better build. Also, you will loot good pieces of gear that you will be able to sell to other players for currency. So you will trade a lot and to make this process easier you can use one of the websites below.

You can use one of them, but keep in mind the other one in case, one is down.

PoE Trading Resources

In addition to PoE trading websites, you can use trading tools in-game while playing to learn the price of the item you have in your bag. Some of the tools allow you to see this information without the necessity to interrupt the game and more.

  • Awakened PoE Trade – Path of Exile trading app for price checking while in the game.
  • PoE Overlay – An Overlay for Path of Exile. Blends in with the game. Built with Electron and Angular.
  • Lunaris – Yet Another Path of Exile Trade ‘Macro’ that uses the official website.
  • Path of Accounting – Lookup utility for PoE is a replacement of TradeMacro that utilizes PoE’s Official API.
  • POE Trades Companion – Enhances your trading experience in Path of Exile. Highly customizable.
  • – A simple tool to price check your items in Path of Exile by “copy and paste”.
  • SlimTrade – An PoE overlay that creates macro popups for trade messages.
  • Poe-Lurker – Poe Lurker is a trade manager meant to ease the trading experience for Path of Exile.
  • PoE Trade Assistant – PoE Trade Assistant
  • PoE Tab Appraiser – A stash tab price checker for the game Path of Exile
  • DeadlyTrade – Trade notify, Overlay, Timers, Map & Region Info, Real-Time Ninja Currency, and more.

Of course, you don’t need all of them. Pick one or two that you like the most and experience the easiest trade in PoE ever.

PoE Build Resources

When playing Path of Exile your success depends on the build you play with. There are many websites that will help you make the best build for yourself.

If you are asking yourself how to make a build for PoE use those tools above to do so. But if you still hesitate wait for our complete guide about that.

PoE Stash Tab Resources

After GGG has added auto sorting system to PoE stash tabs quality of life has become much better. But still some PoE tools can help you make it easier to navigate through the items you stack there.

  • Mappy – Overlay for Path of Exile to quickly search for keywords in your stash.
  • Procurement – Path Of Exile Character & Stash Management Tool.
  • PoE-Region-Searcher – This is a basic AutoHotKey script for map tab QoL and for helping with Atlas progression.

PoE Economy Resources

Sometimes trading websites are not enough to get the actual price for the item or currency exchange ratio. These tools will help you understand more about the current situation on PoE market.

  • – An economic and build overview for Path of Exile based on public stash tab data.
  • Exilence Next – Calculates net worth and tracks gear, maps and other statistics for you and your group.
  • Exile-Diary – A game tracker for Path of Exile. They track literally everything that drops in your maps, and more!
  • PoE-Antiquary – PoE item prices from old challenge leagues.
  • – PoeWatch is a Path of Exile statistics and price data collection page.

PoE Gem Resources

There are a lot of gems in Path of Exile and we have written several posts that help you find all alternate qualities. But also there is a webtool that will help you find any gem in the game.

PoE Crafting Resources

Crafting system in Pof Exile is tricky so you will need some help to sort it out. The sources below will help you with this task.

We write a lot of useful guides and mechanic tips that you can see in the Path of Exile page.

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