Princess Connect Re: Dive Luna Tower Global Guide

Princess Connect Re: Dive is a popular online game for mobile devices based on the story of Princess Connect Re: Dive anime. We have written a series of posts about it already and if you want to learn more about the differences between anime and the game you can read our post called “What is Princess Connect! Re: Dive?“. Now we start new series of guides that will help global players learn more about game mechanics. Read on to learn more about Princess Connect Re: Dive Luna Tower Global Guide.

What is Lunar Tower in Priconne?

There are a lot of different events and time-limited dungeons in Princess Connect or the so-called Priconne. Lunar Tower is one of them. Please, note that we write the information which is right only for global players! The thing is the game was released in turns and Asian players have much more content while Global players follow their steps.

Luna Tower in Princess Connect is a monthly limited event that doesn’t have a certain start date but starts and ends in the middle of each month. If you want to take part in the Lunar Tower event you must have completed Main Quest Map 9-1 (Normal).

The current global Lunar Tower event dates September 10th – September 15th 2021.

The main aim is to reach the last floor of the Lunar Tower and kill the final enemies. There are 70 levels right now, but every new month more levels are added to the game with more bosses and stories. Your progression saves though and you will start your next month climb from the highest reached floor. You can read general regulations for Lunar Tower below:

  • Characters must be level 10 or higher in order to participate.
  • A character can only be used until they are knocked out. They can be recovered once a day.
  • One support character provided by fellow Clan Members can be used and will last until that character is knocked out.
  • Each character carries over their current HP and TP over to the next level.
  • If the timer runs out, the entire team will be immediately wiped out and unusable until they are recovered.
  • Each level has a fixed team that is identical across the entire playerbase.
  • Once a level is defeated, you cannot replay the level. There are additional EX levels for Boss Levels and Corridor Exploration, though.
  • Recovery is once a day and can be used at any point of the day to recover your entire character roster.

Each floor rewards you with Equipment Fragments, Jewels and Mana. In addition, Boss Floors will also include Princess Heart and Memory Piece rewards. EX Floors include Secret Stone rewards.

In addition to regular floors, you will also see EX floors in Lunar Tower. These floors are extra ones for those who successfully cleared all active Lunar Tower floors. Every new month new EX floor will be added to Princess Connect! Re:Dive. You can replay the EX level as many times as you like but no rewards will be added.

When you clear an EX floor you’ll need to choose three teams of 5, similar to Princess Arena, to fight against the Boss and its minions. If the player is successfully able to defeat the tower with their 3 teams, they will beat the level. Otherwise, the player will have to try again as many times as they see fit – they do not have to recover their units as this is technically a separate bonus level to the Luna Tower.

Lunar Tower Global Rewards

Below you can see the list of rewards that you get for clearing a particular level of the Lunar Tower. But remember that we write only for Global players so you will see less than might have found in other sources. We will add new content when it releases in Priconne.

Lunar Tower LevelRelevant Rewards
1F – 9F Jewel x 20
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 12000 – 12800
10F Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 100
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 12900
11F – 19F Jewel x 30
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 13000 – 13800
20F Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 100
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 13900
21F – 29F Jewel x 30
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 14000 – 14800
30F Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 100
 Akino Memory Pieces x 2
 Mana x 14900
31F – 39F Jewel x 30
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 15000 – 15800
40F Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 100
 Ayane Memory Pieces x 2
 Mana x 15900
41F – 49F Jewel x 30
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 16000 – 16800
50F Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 100
 Shizuru Memory Pieces x 3
 Mana x 16900
51F – 59F Jewel x 30
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 17000 – 17800
60F Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 100
 Monika Memory Pieces x 3
 Mana x 17900
61F – 69F Jewel x 30
 Equipment Fragments x 5
 Mana x 18000 – 18800
70F Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 100
 Rino Memory Pieces x 3
 Mana x 18900
EX(70F) Princess Heart x 1
 Jewel x 300
 Secret Stones x 30
 Mana x 100000

Remarkable rewards that players might want to obtain are Princess Hearts and Character Memory Pieces. You can see that you can get Princess Hearts at levels 10F, 20F, 30F, 40F, 50F, 60F, 70F, EX(70F). For now, you can get the following characters Memory Pieces:

  • Akino Memory Pieces x 2 – 30F
  • Ayane Memory Pieces x 2 – 40F
  • Shizuru Memory Pieces x 3 – 50F
  • Monika Memory Pieces x 3 – 60F
  • Rino Memory Pieces x 3 – 70F

Other rewards are used in different Princess Connect shops, that you can read about on our website. Start from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Normal Shop and click on any of the needed shops from the list there.

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