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Online shooters have never been deprived of attention, and it was not difficult to choose what to play. At the same time, they actively developed, new genres and features appeared. However, something radically new is quite difficult to meet, and one way or another, most modern games can be divided into groups by type, for example, battle royale or team-based arena shooters. But the developers from Nimble Giant Entertainment were able to create a unique shooter that is nothing like other games. It is based on the player’s ability to battling within a time loop, completely changing the outcome of the entire game. So what exactly is the Quantum League?

This unique shooter allows players to go back in time while influencing the outcome of the previous round. How is this possible? Having played the first round, you open at the beginning and start a new one. In this case, you see your copy-clone, which completely repeats what you did. Did you get killed in the first round? It’s time to use the knowledge and prevent the enemy clone from shooting at your copy. Yes, if you kill a clone from the previous round, your copy will not die. However, your opponent has similar capabilities! This is where the real battle begins – knowing how the previous rounds proceeded, you will have to predict the actions of your opponent and prevent him from stopping your clones while killing him. Yes, it sounds confusing, but this is the essence of the game – can you beat your opponent in a decisive battle, knowing how he moved and shot in the previous rounds? But that’s not all. When dying in the current round, you can pick up a Health Orb, which will return you to the game. Therefore, after killing the enemy, be sure to keep an eye on the arena, because he may reappear in the current round in the place where the Health Orb was before!

Battles are 1v1 and 2v2, and the main goals of the match also differ – it can be the capture of a point or points, as well as the complete elimination of the enemy and all its clones. At the same time, you can capture the point in the first round, however, if in the decisive round your first copy is killed, then you will not receive a point for this. So you have to protect it, not giving the enemy a chance to kill it. And by the way, the clone can also die before reaching the target – after all, your opponent knows your previous route!

There are 6 types of weapons available in the game, and the outcome of the round depends on the correct choice. The arenas are very simple and small in size because the rounds are very short, so you won’t have to run around them in search of your opponent. However, they are made in such a way that your starting position is hidden, which will prevent your opponent from knowing where you are going this time, giving you time to make deceptive manoeuvres.

Quantum League Deathmatch

The game is very fast, dynamic and unpredictable. It is very difficult to describe because each battle is radically different from the previous one. The way the opponent will behave or what the outcome was in the previous round forces us to come up with a new strategy for the current round. This is truly one of the most unique and inimitable shooters ever!

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