Loop Hero Review

Nowadays it is difficult to surprise the player with something new in the Roguelike genre, especially if it has Cards. There have already been a lot of them, and although not many games of this genre were able to become so popular or successful, it is still not difficult to choose a game for yourself. However, to meet something completely new is really a rarity! It is with its uniqueness that the new game from Four Quarters – Loop Hero stands out.

Having lost everything – not only the world around him but also his memory, the Hero faces a difficult fate to save humanity and the world as such. Do you have the courage to challenge The Lich and face all the difficulties that the hero will have to face? Closed in a timeless loop, on the ruins of the world among never-ending chaos – this is what awaits our Hero.

Loop Hero Camp

Every time you go on an expedition for resources, a whole new world awaits you. The player will move along the path, which is closed in the loop. Monsters will appear on the road, as well as in various zones and buildings. Defeating enemies, you can change the world with the help of cards dropped from them – whether it is a dense forest that will appear on your way or mountains that will be visible in the distance. Each such zone or building will give different effects, be it a buff or spawn of new, strong monsters. How you use the cards is up to you, but using them correctly will provide valuable resources. In addition, by killing monsters, you will receive equipment that will increase the characteristics and allow you to cope with stronger opponents.

Loop Hero Combat

As soon as you understand that you are no longer able to move on, it’s time to return to the camp. Here you can find new survivors, and most importantly – use the resources received. Create new things and buildings, because each of them will help you become stronger on expeditions. After all, even though you start all over again, you have more chances to get to the main villain this time!

Loop Hero Goblins

The game launches on Steam on March 4th and should be available at the time of writing. It’s time to take up arms and interrupt this endless loop, delivering a decisive blow and save the world!

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