Card Crawl

Loop Hero Review
Nowadays it is difficult to surprise the player with something new in the Roguelike genre, especially if it has Cards. There have already been a lot of them, and although not many games of this genre were able to become so popular or successful, it is still not difficult to choose a game for yourself....
Card Crawl Quests Guide
In this mini guide you’ll know about Card Crawl quests. In Card Crawl you complete quests to open new classes. to learn more about them check Card Crawl review we wrote before some time ago. To complete quests you’ll have to try hard as much depends on card combinations and the most important – luck....
Card Crawl Review
Card Crawl is a new game designed as a solitaire style games. Here you can play with a modified deck of standard cards. Meaning that all the cards with one master are always the same but you can modify them with ability cards. The main purpose is to clear the dungeon that contains 54 cards....
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