The Best Gaming Sales and Deals of the Week April 12th

Meet our new list of the best gaming sales and deals that you can see on the web for the current week. We will feature the hottest deals from Epic Games Store, Steam, Gog and other special offers.

Epic Games Store

Last Thursday the Epic Games Store has started their weekly free game giveaway. This time you can get 3 out of 10: Season Two for free. This deal ends this Thursday, April 15th. And on this Thursday Epic Games Store will give away 3 more games:

In addition, you can get great games with discounts:

And it’s not the full list. Visit this link for more information.

Steam Special Offers of the week

Steam as usual has many discounts to offer. We will share with you only the hottest ones.

Kinguin Valheim

Other hot discounts from Steam you can check out here. Weekly sale

This week is Bethesda games week. You can buy great titles with low prices now on GOG, check them out below:

Gog has many other sales and deals, so go ahead and don’t miss a chance to loot more games.

Kinguin Cyberpunk 2077

Other Games Sales And Deals

Here is the list of other great sales and deals we have designed for you. Please, support us by buying them, if you like of course.

Come back next week for more information to learn about the cheapest ways to buy games.

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