The Sims 4 Arts & Crafts Current progress

In one of the previous posts, we wrote about new The Sims 4 stuff pack, which Maxis will create with the help of the community. You can read what were the potential themes for the pack there. Further, we will tell you the results of the surveys and what is the team working on right now. Read on about Arts & Crafts Current progress.

design styles for art and crafts

As you may have noticed the winner of the race is Arts and Crafts Stuff Pack. But what are the main features, which we will definitely see when the pack comes out?

The results of the survey for the special activities ended up like this:

  1. Knitting
  2. Sculpting
  3. Glass Fabrication
  4. Edible Art
  5. Embroidering

So that means that now we can definitely expect knitting to show up in the upcoming pack. Several weeks ago a new survey took places, where we could pick the main theme of the graphics. Therefore how will the furniture, clothes and other stuff look like?

Arts & Crafts Current progress

Today we’ve learnt that the picked design theme is DIY Delight. You can check it out belove. By the way, this is the one we voted for! And which one did you choose? Tell us in comments!

The Sims 4 Arts & Crafts

In addition to these surveys, few more are about to come. In some time we will need to choose between sets of objects. Moreover, there is a great chance that we will pick some more activities that will accompany knitting.

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