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The Slormancer is a brand new 2D Action RPG with pixel art, massive character development options, and a funny and captivating storyline. But were the developers at Slormite Studios really able to achieve all of this? The short answer is yes! Well, we will reveal the details in this review.

As for the plot, although it is linear, without any special twists, it is nevertheless filled with humour and various surprises. As you progress through the main campaign, you will return the missing residents to the city, who, in gratitude for this, will open up new opportunities for you. And although you will have to pay for their services, and not a little, they will reward you with various new features of the gameplay, for example, they will open up new resources for crafting and upgrade your equipment.

But despite the fact that the game is filled with humour, the developers approached the development of the character quite seriously. You will find levelling of characteristics, and the discovery of new skills with their subsequent modification, an intricate tree with various passive and active skills, as well as 3 specializations for each class. They allow you to unleash the full potential of the class, the efforts of its special skills. The levelling process is very simple and very interesting, while you can always reset the spent Slorm (a special type of resource) and redistribute them in a new way.

Not without a mountain of loot! More than a dozen different types of equipment, with weapons playing an important role. It drops out extremely rarely, but each is unique and has its own characteristics. The level of the weapon is levelled along with your hero, and also affects your playstyle. In the city, you can open special NPCs that will give you the opportunity to improve your equipment, the main thing is to have time to collect resources for this.

On the downside of the game, it is limited content due to the game being in Early Access. At the moment, one-act and Expeditions are available – randomly generated dungeons with a choice of difficulty. However, the developers have already shown their Roadmap, and new content is just around the corner!

The Slormancer Roadmap

The Slormancer releases on Steam on April 6th, so it’s time to add it to your wishlist and boldly go on adventures through dangerous dungeons in search of shiny coins, valuable loot and, of course, glory!

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