Wild Rift Dev Talk

Wild Rift is about to become open worldwide. Let’s learn what do developers think about it. We share with you information taken from Riot Games.

What are the top priorities of Wild Rift development: getting the game out to new players and new regions, and improving the experience for current players in every way.

First of all, Riot are working hard to expand into new territories—as you may have seen, they recently opened the Open Beta to a bunch of new regions. Getting the game out to more players is still their top focus as a team.

Also they are hard at work fixing bugs that are preventing some players from getting into the game or from downloading the game at all. A number of these issues has been resolved already, but it’s an area they are continuing to focus on.

A close second priority is the current quality of the experience for live regions and players. This includes everything from latency and queue times to quality of matches and more. Riot Games know many of you have had frustrations with matchmaking especially, and you’re right to expect a better experience there. Because matchmaking is so difficult to simulate, the live data they’ve been getting from players has been invaluable. They appreciate your help and patience as they work through the kinks and make improvements.

To share some early results, they’ve made a number of adjustments already in an effort to reduce overall queue time, lower the difference between ranks within matches, and reduce the games that go across regions. You can expect us to release frequent improvements here as they react to and make adjustments from the live data. While the results so far have been very promising, they know there is still a lot of work to be done.

The gameplay team is also working on some larger gameplay changes focused on itemization. Don’t expect anything as sweeping as the recent overhaul of the item system on League of Legends for PC, but they are planning on releasing some exciting new items and some systemic changes.

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