Wild Rift The Battle of Baron and Europe Open Beta Launch

Wild Rift Open Beta Hits Europe and CIS in just two days on 10th December 2020. To celebrate it Riot Games will open a special event called The Battle of Baron. Read on for more details.

When Wild Rift Open Beta Starts in Europe?

Soon in just a few days on 10th December 2020, you will be able to play Wild Rift on your mobile devices. Also, there are other regions and countries except Europe that will join Wild Rift Open Beta on 8th December:

  • Vietnam
  • Oceania
  • Taiwan
  • Europe
  • Turkey
  • Russia and CIS
  • The Middle East and North Africa.

What is The Battle of Baron in Wild Rift?

On December 10 at 02:00 PT, the battle for Baron begins. It will unite players in Wild Rift around the World. Also, it will be live-streamed on YouTube. But what is this exactly?

It is a specific event that will celebrate the launch of Baron Nashor in Wild Rift. You will need to join YouTube Live Stream and engage in live chat to enter the battle. You can turn on notification now below.

Every action will take place on this Live Stream. You will need to use the voting system to fight the Baron together with other players.

Typing [1], [2], [3] and [4] will allow you to cast SMITE and other abilities, and Baron will respond dynamically to what you do. The action with more votes will win. Make sure to turn in LIVE CHAT mode before you start.

Use empowered attacks they will be encircled with a glowing ring of energy for a limited time. Vote to cast them before time runs out!


Summon champions to fight against Baron by typing 5. But this vote needs to win to make and effect, of course.


Receive gifts. There are some extra bonuses for participating in this event. First, you need to download Wild Rift on your phone and use the same email login on YouTube to get the rewards connected to your Wild Rift account. All Open Beta participants will unlock a unique emote and icon in 2021.


There’s an added bonus for the first 25,000 players who hop on the stream and smite Baron: your names will be immortalized as Baron Slayers in the end credits sequence.

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