Yes, Your Grace Review

In our new Yes, Your Grace review you will read about the main features, gameplay and other important information about the game. You can check its Steam Page to get some extra details.

Yes, Your Grace Review

Gameplay – Yes, Your Grace Review

Yes, Your Grace is an interesting combination of strategy and RPG elements. Where it is important to make decisions and control your resources with a fascinating storyline. The game is based on the Slavic folklore, with the atmosphere of a real medieval Europe. Feel yourself the rightful king of your lands. Where the fate of your kingdom, and even the future of the family, depends on your everyday decisions, even the smallest ones!

Yes, Your Grace Gameplay Review

A huge number of quest lines that require the player not only to make difficult choices but also to carefully monitor what is happening. Because your enemies are not asleep! In addition to managing the kingdom and its resources, as well as controlling the army. You, as an ordinary person, will have to build relationships with your family, listen carefully and try to help them.

Graphics and Controls

Very pleased with the detail of not only the game screen but also the castle itself and its environs. In each zone, there are many items that you can click on and learn something new, or just wander around the castle and talk to the NPCs.

Yes, Your Grace Controls

The controls are convenient and simple, all actions take place using the gaming mouse. At the same time, game menus and logs are always at hand and always available.

Sound and Narrative

Probably the main minus of the plot is that the events that the player sees in the prologue are inevitable. You will always have the opportunity to make decisions and choose the outcome of side events, but the main part of the plot will always be the same. For all this, the game has interesting dialogues and unexpected turns. Moreover, all the useful information about all the quests and important NPCs is very conveniently stored in the Archives.

Yes, Your Grace Map

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  • Summary
    74Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Interesting storyline
      • The unique art style and medieval atmosphere
      • No actual game-changing choices
      • Very short
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