Best Comps to Win in Hyper Roll

Hyper Roll is a new quick game mode in TFT. You can read more details about it in our post: New Quick Mode in TFT: Hyper Roll. There you’ll find all gameplay description and differences from classical TFT. Also, we have written a post with general tips that will help you win in Easy Tips to Win in Hyper Roll and achieve your desired Hyper Roll Rank. In this post, you will find the best comps for playing Hyper Roll and win fast and easy.

We have described the five best comps in Hyper Roll that will definitely lead you to victory. These comps not only have a high win rate but also have more than 50% Top 4 rate. That means that if you are not lucky and cannot collect all the needed champions or items, you will still end up in the top 4, the place that doesn’t take away any points from you and in some cases grant a little number of them. All builds are good for patch 11.1.

Below you will see the following five Hyper Roll winning comps:

  • Knight + Redeemed
  • Dawnbringer + Revenant
  • Full Forgotten
  • Forgotten + Mystic
  • Hellion + Cavalier

You can check some more in our Hyper Roll Carries, Origins and Classes Tier Lists.

All of them are equally strong and everything depends on your luck and skills. Some useful tips for you:

  • don’t focus only on one comp, collect different champions to see which comp you will collect faster;
  • decide which comp is yours at level 3-4, it is a must as you will not have enough money to collect all green and blue champions, so sell the spare and focus on the main comp;
  • adjust to the situation if you see that you can make your comp better than in the cheat sheet below.

It is very important to remember that players who play against you may use the same tips as you, so try to be creative and think out of the box.

Top Hyper Roll Winning Comps

And now you will see our Hyper Roll comps cheat sheets. There you’ll find the name of the comp, the number of different traits, a list of champions with their prices (colours reflect the price in the game from grey to gold), and the list of the best-fitted items for each champion in such comp. Be careful as we have coloured items to let you know item priority for these Hyper Roll combinations. If you see that the item is placed on the dark background it is prior for this champion in the current comp. I case, the background is grey you can skip this item to collect the more prior ones.

Knight + Redeemed Hyper Roll Comp Cheat Sheet

This combination is very popular among the players due to its relevantly low cost. There are no 5-gold champions and only three 4-gold champions. Meanwhile, Varus in the combination with Ashe and a strong front lane will save you lots of time while you hunt for 4-gold champions. But be careful as Varus, Ashe and Rell are very popular champions and are used in many other comps that are also popular even though not of the highest tier.

Knight + Redeemed (Ironclad, Verdant, Ranger)

3 Ironclad

4 Knight

3 Redeemed

2 Verdant

2 Ranger









Best Items

As for the positioning, it is easy to guess. Protect your carries and let them reach the enemies from any side, but when you get two Verdant champions place them correctly to cover the whole team with their shield.

Dawnbringer + Revenant Hyper Roll Comp Cheat Sheet

It is not a secret that the Dawnbringer trait is a string and thus popular, but we have decided to share another approach to this build. It is important to collect 6 champions with Dawnbringer trait but try to replace two of them with Ivern and Volibear wearing Dawnbringer trait item. It is a hard task in classical TFT, but possible in Hyper Roll.

Dawnbringer + Revenant (Renewer, Invoker, Brawler)

6 Dawnbr.

2 Revenant

2 Renewer

2 Invoker

2 Brawler









Best Items

Even though you don’t get additional Dawnbringer items this comp will let you end up in top 4.

Full Forgotten Hyper Roll Comp Cheat Sheet

Don’t underestimate the power of the Forgotten. We have written about 8 champions, but the full trait activates when you put 9 Forgotten champions on the board. To do that you’ll need to get two Spatulas and put it on a sub champion to activate an extra slot on the board. Of course, you’ll go for Viego there.

Full Forgotten

6 Forgotten









Best Items

But still, if you cannot get Viego you can take another ranger (Ashe) or Assassin (Diana) to support your Vayne or Katarina. Even like this, you’ll get to the top 3.

Forgotten + Mystic Hyper Roll Comp Cheat Sheet

If at some point you’ll understand that you don’t want to go full Forgotten you still can try for Forgotten + Mystic comp. But it is much more expensive. You can see five 4-gold champions that should have at least 2 stars to reach the top.

Forgotten + Mystic

3 Forgotten

2 Mystic

2 Legion.

2 Knight

2 Ironclad

2 Dragonsl.









Best Items

But we highly recommend you play this comp if you see that you are lucky to get all the needed champions. Don’t forget to put all required items on Drave and Mordekaiser so that you’ll be almost unbeatable.

Hellion + Cavalier Hyper Roll Comp Cheat Sheet

One of the most popular comps in Hyper Roll as it is very easy to collect. Especially at the beginning. You will likely have three silver champions before the first PvP round. That gives a huge advantage over other players. But be ready for the midgame as it is a weak point Hellion build as other players will have strong champions who will kill you little revivals faster.

Hellion + Cavalier

5 Hellion

4 Cavalier









Best Items

If you have problems during midgame try to take some strong knights to support your backline until you collect the whole comp.

We hope you find this Hyper Roll comps well and share it with your friends. We’d also like to hear some of your best comps as well.

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