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Gameplay – Death and Taxes Review

Death and Taxes is a narrative-based game in which the development of the plot depends entirely on the decisions the player makes. You have a hard office job as a Grim Reaper. Yes, it is you who will decide who dies and who lives. The game raises the question of the morality of the decisions made, but not very successfully – hardly anyone will empathize with the questionnaires. So this aspect needs to be added into the game.

In general, the idea and implementation are very successful. It’s really interesting to play, to follow the development of the plot. And also to think through your actions and buy various gadgets and extras. The game will be an excellent replacement for the film for the evening, at least the first passage.

Graphics and Controls

Minimalist style is great for such genre of games. The main characters are well-drawn, and there is no unnecessary animation. And this is even a plus since nothing distracts from dialogues and decisions.

Death and Taxes graphics review

Only a mouse is used in the game, therefore, difficulties with control should not arise. All things can be dragged with the mouse, and when there are more than 5 profiles and several more gadgets on the table, a simulator of work at the office table is created, where it is not clear where the form or market disappeared and why the cactus is on the centre of the table.

Sound and Narrative

The music in the game creates the atmosphere of a real death office. It is monotonously depressing and makes you think about the meaning of perfect gaming actions. I also want to note the excellent work of the team, voiced the Fate and Quartermaster Mortimer.

Death and Taxes controls review

An intriguing and exciting story where you will be given the opportunity to choose how the story will develop, and most importantly – what will happen to the world. The only disadvantage, in my opinion, is the pointlessness of passing New Game +. If for the first time it is interesting to understand exactly how the game works and how the decisions made are reflected in the surrounding world. Afterwards, I personally had no desire to start the whole process again.

Death and Taxes game review

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    74Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Multiple endings
      • Well narrated story with lots of choices
      • Too short with no reasons to replay
      • Not so many options in-game (only work and shop)
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