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Gameplay – A Long Way Down Review

A Long Way Down is an interesting card game with RPG elements. Its main feature is a research mode with the ability to build your own path from map blocks. You can choose what exactly you need on the map and pave the way there yourself, bypassing enemies or vice versa, choose the most dangerous route. However, the Dungeon Master will interfere with you. Using the available blocks, he will change the playing field just like you.

A Long Way Down Gameplay

You have to collect the deck for battles yourself – and most importantly, it will remain with you even after the end of the level or in case of the death of the character. The cards in the deck also depend on the items you equip. In addition, with Dust you can improve maps and equipment, as well as combine or craft new cards.

Although the game is singleplayer, you can collect parties from several characters, which will affect the gameplay, since in battle you will have the opportunity to play cards through other active characters and use their equipment cards.

A Long Way Down review deckbuilding

I want to say that the game is still in Early Access, so there is very little content at the moment, you can finish the game in a couple of hours. But still, the idea is very interesting and well implemented, so we are waiting for new updates!

Graphics and Controls

The graphics, although simple but pretty nice. At the moment, only 3 biomes are available, but at the same time, these zones are more remembered by the type of enemies than by the environment, because they lack uniqueness.

A Long Way Down game

The interface is simple and intuitive, although not very convenient when it comes to cards. In battle, you have to constantly draw a card at the enemy, even if he is alone, or at the character, even if the condition indicates that the buff receives a caster, i.e. player. Similarly, with the creation of the deck – the names of the cards are small, and collecting a deck of cards is not very convenient.

Sound and Narrative

In general, music is at a decent level, although after a while it bothers with its monotony. And the game lacks voiceovers of dialogues – this is a big disadvantage.

In games of this genre, little attention is paid to the lore and the full storyline. But it is worth paying tribute to the developers, they tried to make a full story. Although it is primitive – your character has died and is trying to get out of Limbo, despite the efforts of a certain Dungeon Master. In overall, the dialogues in A Long Way Down are filled with humour and will not make you bored.

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    • Gameplay
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    • Controls
      • Great replayability
      • Unique mix RPG and deckbuilding mechanics
      • Not much content right now
      • Lots of bugs at the current stage
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