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Gameplay – Stoneshard Review

Stoneshard is a wonderful combination of turn-based roguelike and open-world RPG. Moreover, the game is quite complicated and any mistake can interrupt the life of your character. For example, if you don’t notice trap on the dungeon floor in addition to damage you can get injury or bleeding. If you don’t have the necessary medicine – you gonna have a bad time. In addition, part of medicine has side effects like intoxication. Therefore it is worth stocking up with something that lowers its level.

StoneShard Gameplay

And any damage increases the level of pain, and if you do not reduce the pain in time, then this will entail negative effects. Also, there is immunity – it protects against various maladies. As for the mental state of your character, then morale and sanity are responsible for it. Depending on whether these characteristics are high or low, they cause what kind of buffs or debuffs a character will receive during adventures.

What really pleased was the opportunity to explore the game world. Of course, you can perform story quests or fulfil contracts in the city. Or drop everything and go explore the points of interest on the map, simultaneously trying to survive in this dangerous world.

StoneShard Skills

There are no classes in the game, which allows you to create a character with a unique set of skills and characteristics. However, range abilities, whether magic or archery, are quite overpowered when compared to mile attacks. And sadly most of the skills are not available in the game so far.

At the current stage, little is available in the game. But even now you can see that developers will soon add a lot of features. And there are serious reasons to believe that the game will really be interesting and exciting!

Graphics and Controls

The detail of the world is impressive. Huge locations are filled with a bunch of objects and enemies, the dungeons are intricate and dangerous, but at the same time, there are hidden treasures that are interesting to search for. After all, they are not only in the chests but in a bunch of other places, such as barrels, boxes and even sarcophagus.

It will take some time to get used to the controls. For example, instead of a map, you have parchment with a terrain drawn, and you have to keep track of where you are because there is no mark on it with the character. Some of the range skills do not always hit the target, but can touch the barrier and miss – what it depends on is not clear.

Sound and Narrative

Most of the time in the game I spent in silence. There is music only during the battle, and the sounds of the battle are so loud that environmental sounds are almost inaudible, even reducing them by 2 times in the settings. Hopefully, this will be fixed later by adding more sounds and music to the game.

Stoneshard Review Narrative

The plot is quite simple and linear. You play as an unknown mercenary, who was hired to hunt for artefacts. The game has a lot of dialogues, almost every NPC can tell about rumours or news in the district. Although there is not enough choice of responses.

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      • Old school gameplay
      • It's hard and fun at the same time
      • Not enough content for now
      • Skill balance is very poor
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