Trollslayer – Stoneshard Update

The new Stoneshard Update is live now! We have already written a review about Stoneshard, which you can read via the link. We find the game really promising and are excited about the new features. The update has its special name – Trollslayer. And today we will tell you about the main additions in Stoneshard Trollslayer (patch

Stoneshard Update patch – Trollslayer features

First of all, let us mention that this update is free for all you already have the game. However, if you are willing to buy your copy you can do it now with a 20% discount on Steam. The deal ends 17th April so hurry up!

Trollslayer has a lot of new features and game fixes. The major are:

  • New boss. Obviously it is an ancient troll. It comes along with a questline and is hard to compete with.
  • Athletics and Combat Mastery are two new skill trees. They consist of 27 new abilities.
  • Save slots add the ability to obtain as many characters as you like.
  • Altars: located next to the roads and give you an experience boost.
  • Grave robbing. You can gather loot from graves with a shovel or bare hands. It is mentioned that loot can be anything from rubbish to legendary items.
  • New fauna: saigas and bisons. These are useful to hunt as loot from them is very valuable.
  • New flora: fleawort, henbane and penny buns. You can heal, get rage or just eat new plants.
  • New meat system. Now each and every animal drop meat when dies.
  • Additions in the questline: “Gathering the Caravan” to give you more understanding of what is going on. Moreover, after you complete the first part of this questline you’ll get the ability to fast travel between the villages.
  • Hidden quests and Points of interest.
  • New dungeon type: the Catacombs.
  • More low-level valuables such as silver nuggets, clasps, bolts of cloth, bottles of oil and much more.
  • New items. Mage mantles, more greatswords and bows. Also GINGER ROOT.
  • 24 new treatises. Every skill tree (except the magic ones) now has two more treatises associated with them in order to make the vertical progression more difficult and slow down the character’s power gain.
  • And even more: lots of new dialogues, wares and reputation, and even new localizations!

If you are interested in the development of the game you can check the road map below.

Stoneshard update roadmap

We are excited about Stoneshard update to come. And you?

Balance and new mechanics

In addition, you can read more about all the implemented improvements and additions here. Moreover, you can enter the discussion of the changes here. Of course, we’d like to read your comments on our blog as well 😉

But the most interesting changes in Stoneshard update regarding balance and gameplay we write a bit about. So the major changes caused a lot of abilities and economy. Also, we like the equipment additions and visual updates.

If you want to learn more about the gameplay changes you should read our Trollslayer review. We’ll keep in touch 😉

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