Diablo 3 Speed Demon Conquest Guide

This is one is part of Trials of Tempests Diablo 3 Season and will continue to appear in some seasons after it too. So we decided to write this simple guide to help you complete the conquest.

Also, please note that Need for Speed  Conquest is the same as Speed Demon but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Need for Speed conquest is to follow the guidelines below but on Hardcore.

The main task of Speed Demon Conquest is to complete Nephalem Rift at Level 70 under 2 minutes at Torment X difficulty. It is not as hard as it seems, you likely to do it by chance if you have good speed farming build, but if you are facing any difficulties read our Diablo 3 Speed Demon Conquest Guide to be prepared.

Speed Demon Conquest Tips

First of all, make sure that you understand the rules. Killing a boss in Nephalem Rift won’t count as the Rift completion. You must talk to Orek in town and close the rift, only if you close it within 2 minutes will count as completed conquest. So if that was the problem try to clear it once more, we are sure you’ll succeed next time.

If the main problem you are facing is that you are not fast enough the reason might be in your build. You should speed-up farm experience, some of the builds we wrote about in the post below will help you to increase your rift clearing rate.

In case you are hesitating and don’t know which build to choose you can try a high mobility build such as GoD Hungering Arrow DH or WotW Barbarian. Both of them we mentioned in the post above, so check them out.

The next step is to optimize your gear. In some cases, all your need is better items with high-level gems. It can be strange but gems of the maximum level in your gear increase your farming speed greatly. So look up at your items, put imperials in them that give damage and HP to your build. After that look at your items’ stats maybe you can re-roll some attributes to increase your damage. Again it might look insignificant but the difference between 24% and 25% added damage can help you farm Nephalem Rift faster.

The other tip to complete Speed Demon Conquest is to play in a group. Form a party and try to clear Nephalem Rift separately. Split and go in different edges of the rift to clear it faster. That will help you increase your speed four times if you play in a party of 4. Of course, if all your groupmates have high farming speed as well.

These were the main tips, and further is the list of other important tricks that will help yo to complete Diablo 3 Speed Demon Conquest:

  • Map layout is important (linear corridors are the worst and large open area is your main target).
  • Waiting for good rift (speed pylons near the entrance, extremely dense mobs with lots of elite packs).
  • Nemesis bracers – helps to spawn additional elite pack at every shrine. Try to get them.

And the last and the most important one. Don’t forget – timer starts as soon as you click “Accept” in the Rift Obelisk Window and stops when you talk to the Orek in town. We hope that after this Diablo 3 Guide you will succeed in any of your conquests.

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