Diablo 3 Curses! Conquest Guide

In Season 24 in Diablo, this conquest will return to the set. In this guide read everything you need to know to successfully complete it.

Also, please note that Stars Align Conquest is the same as Curses! Conquest but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Stars Align conquest is to follow the guidelines below but on Hardcore.

The general idea of Curses! Conquest (Stars Align for Hardcore) is to kill 350 or more monster during the Cursed Chest event. But you must be at level 70 on Torment X difficulty minimum. If you think that you understand well how to do it and the only thing you are searching for in this post is Diablo 3 Speed Build then choose one of the best D3 builds for Season 21 from the list below.

Otherwise, continue reading our Diablo 3 Curses! Conquest Guide to get more tips about completing it.

Curses! Conquest Preparation

To have the greater chances of obtaining this conquest you’ll need to play with your friends, four people group is favourable. But before you start trying for conquest first you need to find the perfect fit -the rare Cursed Chest that spawns a great number of monsters. To have higher chances to find one don’t form a group at once. Search for it separately each on its on the instance, and only after someone finds it enter his game.

The best location to start searching is Act V – Paths of the Drowned waypoint. There you’ll find the Cursed Peat event and the rare chest (if lucky). In another case, you’ll need to reset the instance and repeat the search again until you find it.

There are other events that can spawn on Paths of the Drowned if you see them on the map reset your game at once as there is no chance to see the cursed chest at all:

  • Lord of the Hill
  • Pillar of the Faithless
  • The Burning Man
  • Lord of Fools
  • The Crazed Camper, Lurk.

The one you need to check is called the Cursed Peat! So if you see this bounty or see in on the map, try your chances.

Also, you will need to wear Bane of the Powerful (Gain 20% increased damage for 30.0 seconds after killing an elite pack) legendary gem. And try to upgrade it as well. It is very useful at high rates. In addition, you can try In-Geom legendary sword (your skill cooldowns are reduced by 10 seconds for 15 seconds after killing an elite pack) build, but it is not a mast. Make sure that your build is with speed AOE damage.

Curses! Conquest Alternative

If you get angry while searching the Cursed Peat then you’ll need to know the other location. It will not guarantee you will do the conquest from the first try there. But still, it is easier and quicker to find.

So go to Act I, Halls of Agony level 3 and look for the Cursed Bellows event. In that level you’ll find The Cursed Bellows chest. Get ready to kill a lot of zombies. You might not succeed from the first try, but in some terms you’ll got it.

List of the recommended builds for Curses! Conquest

We decided to include a short list of builds that have high AOE dps rate to help you find the best match to obtain Curses conquest in Diablo 3.

  • Barbarian: Earthquake Build;
  • Crusader: Blessed Hammers Build;
  • Demon Hunter: Multishot Build;
  • Monk: Wave of Light Build;
  • Necromancer: Blood Mages Build;
  • Witch Doctor: Acid Cloud Build;
  • Wizard: Archon Build.

We hope you find this Diablo3 Curses Conquest Guide informative and helpful. Good luck!

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