Genshin Impact Fishing Preview

Genshin Impact is developing really fast. Each new patch brings plenty of entertainment last time we have written about Genshin Impact Gardening and now we will introduce you to the upcoming Genshin Impact fishing feature.

Fishing releases on 1st September together with patch 2.1. It involves crafting some bait (e.g. Fruit Paste Bait, False Worm Bait) to catch different types of fish. In water, you will see fishing spots, approach them and start fishing. But don’t come too close or you will scare it away! Once the fish bites, the player has to time their reaction and control the line’s tension to reel in the fish. For now, you will be able to use the following fishing rods:

  • Moonstringer
  • Wilderness Rod
  • Windtangler
  • Wishmaker

In all regions, you will find new NPCs from Fishing Associations. You can sell your fish to them in order to receive some rewards, like new fishing rods with special effects. Also, you can cook the caught fish.

Genshin Impact Fishing baits

There are only four types of fishing baits coming soon:

  • Fake Fly Bait
  • False Worm Bait
  • Fruit Paste Bait
  • Redrot Bait
Genshin Impact Fishing Preview

We can guess that more will come afterwards.

Genshin Impact fish types

Also, we decided to share with you the names of species that you will be able to fish in Genshin Impact:

  • Akai Maou
  • Angelfish
  • Betta
  • Crystalfish
  • Dawncatcher
  • Koi
    • Golden Koi
    • Rusty Koi
  • Medakas
    • Medaka
    • Glaze Medaka
    • Sweet-Flower Medaka
    • Aizen Medaka
  • Pufferfish
    • Bitter Pufferfish
  • Shirakodai
    • Brown Shirakodai
    • Tea-Colored Shirakodai
  • Snowstrider
  • Sticklebacks
    • Lunged Stickleback
  • Venomspine Fish

In addition to this, all species have a low chance of being Ornamental Fish, which is energetic fish that the player can raise as pets in the Serenitea Pot Pool of Sapphire Grace.

As you see there’s going to be a lot of fun in Genshin Impact soon. As we know more we will write a Genshin Impact fishing guide.

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