Kingdom: New Lands Review

Kingdom: New Lands is a simple and exciting, but not easy strategy game. A player will play for a king or a queen of the declining lands. The main goal is to rebuild and protect the Kingdom together with people. Moreover, you will help other camps after you are done with yours. Learn further in our Kingdom: New Lands Review more details or visit their Steam Page.

Gameplay – Kingdom: New Lands Review

However, as true monarch, you will not fight or build personally. For those missions, you have got subjects. Your task is to decide who to assign for building, for hunting, or for farming. Also, you will need to reinforce the settlement and provide the income. The main currency in the Kingdom: New Lands is gold. You will need it to perform different actions in the game from hiring new workers to buildings.

Kingdom New Lands Gameplay

Set up your camp, protect it from night raids of monsters and build a ship to set off on a new adventure!

Graphics and Controls

Pixel graphics fit the game perfectly. Although, as in many other indie games the Kingdom: New Lands is in lack of detailed units and objects.

As for the controls. The process of playing is very simple. All that your character can do is moving from the left side to right side or run for a limited and short period of time. Also, you can through or put gold coins.

Kingdom New Lands Graphics

Although, you can notice a lack of stamina for the long crusades on the borders. That may make you a bit bored during this long and dull journey.

Sound and Narrative

Pleasant music perfectly complements the atmosphere of the game. Gameplay sounds go well with the game without interfering with the game process.

Kingdom New Lands Narrative Review

All that the player knows at the very beginning is that you need to revive the flowering in your kingdom. Actually that’s all, you will learn or research everything else yourself because of no dialogue or text in the game.

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
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    • Controls
      • Simple and fun
      • Relaxing gameplay
      • Lacking deep tutorial/information
      • Repetitive gameplay
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