League of Legends 11.6 Best Builds for Top Laners

League of Legends like any other MOBA is a game where every everything depends on your build and personal skills. We decided to write a series of posts where you will find the best actual LoL builds for every role in the game. Here you will see the list of builds for the top position in League of Legends patch 11.6.


xPetu's Challenger Shen Guide

One of the most popular tanky champions. Thanks to its ultimate Shen is very mobile and protective. He can save and engage at the same time which makes him one of the most useful champions in the league. In the guide below you will find the full description of runes, items and tips that will help you master Shen.

xPetu’s Challenger Shen Guide


High Diamond 4 Mil Points Yasuo Guide

Yasuo is one of those champions that can be effective on several lines. He is perfect for solo lane, that’s why you will mainly see him on mid or top. Of course, his main objective is to deal a lot of damage and be a useful carry for the team. In the guide below you will see tips and full itemization and runes path to play Yasuo.

High Diamond 4 Mil Points Yasuo Guide


After rework, Urgot has become a decent bruiser and you can frequently see him on top lane against tanky champions like Mundo or Garen. The full potential of Urgot is described in the guide below and you will find it useful to read it if you like to play ranged champions in the top lane.

GoliathGames’ Ultimate Guide to Urgot


Sett Guide and Matchup Spreadsheet Guide

Sett is a versatile champion you will see it as you play with him. The most popular builds are designed for bruiser Sett but he is also pretty good as a tank. In the guide below you will see all possible variations for playing Sett on top lane and even off-meta ones.

Sett Guide and Matchup Spreadsheet Guide


Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku's Darius Guide

Previously we have already mentioned that Darius can become a killing machine in the hands of experienced players. A classical melee bruiser that was popular all the times in League of Legends. Current patch 11.6 is good for Darius as described in the guide below.

Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku’s Darius Guide


AD Thresh (All Roles, Primarily Top)

Many players know Thresh as a support champion. But if you build him as AD Thresh with the right set of runes and items you will see his full potential as a top lanner. But be careful AD Thresh is not a meta role, you may find it difficult to play against many other champions especially bruisers that deal much more damage. So read the guide below carefully before you decide to play AD Thresh.

AD Thresh (All Roles, Primarily Top)


Complete Guide to Renekton

To play Renekton on the top lane is the classics of League of Legends. He was designed for this role and has everything needed to become an effective topper. If you want to know more about how to play Renekton you can read the full guide below.

Complete Guide to Renekton


Paul Chung's Diamond Garen Guide

Even though there are many other new champions that can be better then Garen in many situations he stands in high positions in the rating of the best top lanners. In League of Legends patch 11.6, Garen can be presented in different rune sets that change his itemization and playstyle a bit. You can see all the options in the guided below.

Paul Chung’s Diamond Garen Guide


PH45's In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster Guide

You will mainly see Jax in the jungle but he can also be useful on top. A great damage dealer he defines your role in the teamfight and let you win the day. Read more tips and tricks to play Jax effectively below.

PH45’s In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster Guide


The Passionate Guide to Teemo

Of course, we couldn’t pass Teemo by. He is a tricky champion and almost all players don’t like it when you take Teemo on top lane. So be sure to play impressively good with Teemo before you pick him. There are a lot of different factors required to learn about Teemo and all of them are greatly described in the guide below.

The Passionate Guide to Teemo

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