League of Legends Victorious Skin 2020

The last breath in this season in League of Legends before you get your victorious skin. The Victorious skin 2020 in LoL has been revealed. This time it will be better than ever. Read more further.

What is Victorious Skin 2020?

This year you will get Victorious Lucian for your adventures in ranked matches in League of Legends.

Victorious Lucian all chromas

Victorious Lucian comes with six chromas. Each of them represents the rank you got. So if you ended up the season in Platinum you will get in addition to Victorious Lucian platinum chroma.

How to get Victorious Lucian?

There is only one way to get this awesome skin – reach at least Gold rank in the current season. If you qualify for gold on time you will get Victorious Lucian and the champion automatically.

Victorious Lucian

When does League of Legends 2020 season end?

If you still haven’t reached the Gold you have a chance. The season results will be locked on Tuesday, November 10 for gold and November 9 for Master and higher. So there is not much time left, hurry up.

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