New Quest in RuneScape – Elder God Wars: City of Senntisten

The very first cross-platform quest for both desktop and mobile players has already arrived at RuneScape. You will find a new part of the City of Senntisten in the current story arc Elder God Wars in RuneScape now. Read on to learn more details.

What’s new in RuneScape Elder God Wars the City of Senntisten?

You will find a lot of new content that both desktop and mobile players can finally see simultaneously together:

  • New map
  • New challenges
  • Powerful rewards

Meet the last quest before the war begins. Senntisten itself is a lost city, originally home to Zaros, now buried deep beneath the Archaeology guild gives players an entire new location to explore. 

After you gather your team it is time to use your Archeological skill and find the entrance to the city. The main task is to cleanse the area and make it your fortress before the enemies come. You will need to exercise caution whilst exploring the claustrophobic confines of the cathedral and its surrounding areas, as they transform it into a fortress in preparation for oncoming waves of ferocious enemies. 

If you succeed through Elder God Wars: City of Senntisten you will get new powerful rewards, the most valuable of them is the new Ancient Magick spells, plus XP in Slayer and Archaeology skills, an upgrade to the Pontifex Observation Ring, and more.  The City of Senntisten is a member-exclusive quest and players will also need to have completed the previous quests in the arc; Azzanadra’s Quest and Battle of Monolith, as well as having their Slayer and Archaeology skills at 75 and 74, respectively.  

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