Path of Exile 3.13 Harvest and Heist Reworks

The announcement of Path of Exile 3.13 expansion has a lot of information about the Atlas and Ritual league. You can read about them in our previous PoE 3.13 announcement details post. Further, we will tell you more about the changes that hit Harvest and Heist league mechanics as a part of core content in Path of Exile.

Harvest League Changes in the Core

First of all, with the new Harvest League rework, Player’s garden has been removed. Instead, in the zones, you will encounter Portal to the Sacred grove. After passing through the portal, you will find yourself in a new garden, which will be with a random layout. Plants will be ready to harvest, but you have to choose a site based on crafting recipes and the power of monsters you have to fight. Kill monsters and get the opportunity to use crafting recipes using the obtained Lifeforce. You can apply them right away, or you can save them to your Horticrafting Station, which can be accessed from your hideout. This rework will remove the need to find and grow seeds, as well as create your own harvest layout. This will greatly simplify the league mechanics, allowing players to utilize the Harvest league’s crafting capabilities effortlessly.

Path of Exile Harvest Sacred Grove

Nevertheless, you can read our previous article about Harvest crafting system to be prepared. But keep in mind that you should focus your attention only on crafting itself as you won’t need to build or grow anything. Also, in Ritual league you can save those crafts for later into your personals horticrafting station in your hideout. You can put it as any other decoration.

Heist League Changes in the Core

Heist league mechanics will be simplified as well. Although, the whole process will stay the same you will see that all rogue levelling will be faster. You will see the first Heist contracts and smuggler’s chests starting from Act 6.

Heist Location Portal

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But don’t forget that some of them contain information that can change in 3.13 expansion.

Also you will see and get more tokens and your rogue specialists will get more experience. In addition, all green contracts will appear in the next smuggler’s chest as soon as you become eligible for it. Rewards, loot and heist and grand heist executions remain the same.

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