Path of Exile: How to Trade Complete Guide

Path of Exile has a huge variety of different things and equipment, and often the easiest way to get the desired item is to buy it from other players using in-game currency – orbs. And many players, not only beginners, do not always understand exactly how to buy or sell a particular item in the game, so in this guide, we will describe the main trading process in the game, as well as give tips that will help make this process easier and more efficient.

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How to buy items in Path of Exile

To buy the item you need, you will have to use the official PoE website, there is no in-game option for this (except for buying items through the game chat, but no one has been using this for a long time). There are two pages – one for equipment and various things (PoE Trade). And the second one is to quickly buy a large (or not) amount of currency and other stackable items (PoE Exchange) such as cards or fragments.

If you need to buy any equipment, for example Body Armour, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose the type of thing you need from the Type Filters category – Body Armour and Item Rarity (for example Rare).
  2. Specify the desired value of the type of protection that you need – for example, armour with a minimum of 150 Energy Shield. If you only need Energy Shield on an item, without Armour or Evasion, then set the Max Value to 0, this will filter out mixed Body Armour types.
  3. Next, you should select the number of sockets, and whether they are linked or not. For example, you want at least 5L Body Armor, but with 6 sockets. If you need special socket colours, you can also specify this, for example, 3 Red, 1 Green and 2 Blue sockets, and you can additionally specify which of them will be linked.
  4. The next step is to select the necessary equipment requirements to put on. This is usually overlooked, since they buy end-game items at high levels, but if you want Body Armour for a level 60 character pay attention that he can wear it only with 85 Strength and you should indicate this.
  5. If you have little currency, then you can specify a limit, for example, so that the item costs is not more than 5 Chaos Orbs.
  6. Click Search and choose the option that suits you. If there are no options, or they do not suit you, you should change the search settings, perhaps there are no such things yet or they are more expensive.
Path of Exile How to Trade Search

After you have finished with the search, you should perform the following steps:

  • When you have found a thing that meets your desires and price expectations you need to click the Whisper button on the right, under its price with the nickname of the player who sells this item. This will automatically copy the message to be sent to this player in the game.
Path of Exile How to Trade Search 2
  • In the game, open the chat (by default, the Enter key) and paste the message (Ctrl + V). Another player within a short period of time (usually within 20-30 seconds) will send an invitation to the group. Accept it and go to this player’s Hideout (right-click on his porter and select Visit Hideout).
Path of Exile How to Trade Party
  • In his Hideout, you will receive an invitation to trade. Make sure that the item is exactly as you saw it on the site, especially for various cards and armour with links. If everything is fine complete your purchase and leave Party/Hideout. If not cancel the trade and asked whether it was a mistake or a trick. If you see that a player is trying to make a fool of you leave the party and search for a new deal. It is considered a good form to thank another player for the trade (although this is rarely done by anyone).
Path of Exile How to Trade Party 2

To buy PoE currency, everything is extremely simple – you choose what you need (on the left) and what you are willing to give for it (on the right), often the fastest and best option would be to buy Chaos orbs or Exalted orbs. Choose the best option and copy the message to write the player in the game, repeating the similar steps described above.

How to sell items in Path of Exile

There are two ways to sell items in Path of Exile. The first, simple one, requires a Premium Stash Tab. It can be purchased from the in-game store for 40 Points, or upgrade the existing one to Premium for 15 Points. After that, you need to make this tab Public (by right-clicking on it and checking the box).

Path of Exile How to Trade Premium Tab

Then just put the item you want to sell into it and set its price by right-clicking on it.

Path of Exile How to Trade Premium Tab 2

If you did everything correctly, then its value will appear under the characteristic of the item and it will be visible to other players who can buy it from you.

Path of Exile How to Trade Premium Tab 3

If you do not have Premium Stash Tab, or you do not want to buy it, then there is a second way so that other players on the trade site can see your things. This is an old version, for this, you need to post your item on the official forum, in the Trading section, by selecting the league in which you sell this item. How exactly to do this will help this guide.

No matter which method you use, it will be very helpful to have different tools that will make it easier for you to evaluate the subject. For example, Awakened PoE Trade, which allows you to see what other players are selling for a given item by simply hovering over it with the mouse and pressing a key combination. Also, do not forget that the price directly depends on the rolls, especially if these are unique items. If Unique has a maximum roll or a very high roll, this may increase its price. Therefore, when evaluating a thing, do not forget to look and indicate the rolls in order to more accurately understand its cost.

Path of Exile How to Trade Tools

PoE Trading Tips

These tips will help you optimize the trading process and deal with the main problems that you may encounter.

A player is not answering. Very often it can happen that the player to whom you wrote, did not answer or did not send an invitation to the group. This happens if he has already sold the item, is busy on the map, or just AFK. To check whether an item has been sold or not, you can visit the Trade website by clicking the Refresh button (in the upper left corner of the item you wanted to buy). If it has not been sold yet, write in 5-10 minutes, perhaps the player will be free and will answer you.

Scammers. Unfortunately, due to the fact that trading in the game takes place in the form of an exchange of things (although you use currency as a payment), some players may try to deceive you. The most common types of cheating are replacing the item in the trade window, so carefully study the item you receive before confirming the trade. Very often, these players put the correct item first, cancel the trade and re-put another one, for example, an item with 4L + 2L instead of 6L or another Divination Card. Be careful, don’t be in a hurry!

Bulk trading. You can put up for sale different types of currencies or other things, for example, Fragments or Scarabs, not one at a time, but several at once. To do this, specify the price in the Exact price field as follows. For example, you want to sell 5 Exalted Orbs for 350 Chaos orbs, then the price field will look like 350/5. This will speed up the trading process and save you from having to sell items one by one.

Underpriced items. If the item you put up for sale immediately interested several players, then most likely it costs much more. Check it carefully on the Trade website, because perhaps its current value is several times higher than the one you indicated.

Trading Currencies. It is very often difficult to buy Exalted Orb or another type of currency due to the fact that the players you write to either do not answer or have already sold this product. In order not to waste time looking for a seller, put your currency for sale, for example, your Chaos Orbs in exchange for Exalted Orb. Buyers will write to you themselves, and you will not only save time but also exchange your currency at a ratio that is favourable for you.

We hope that after reading this Path of Exile trading guide you will level up your trading experience in PoE.

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