Path of Exile Simulacrum Guide

Here you can find the ways to farm Simulacrum Splinters and fast ways to obtain Simulacrum in Path of Exile. There are many splinters in Path of Exile that drop from league specific content. Here we will tell you more about Delirium mechanic. Learn about simulacrum splinters efficient farming, ways of obtaining Simulacrum.

Simulacrum Splinters and Simulacrum are needed to open 6 portals to Lunacy’s Watch, The Bridge Enraptured, The Syndrome Encampment, Hysteriagate or Oriath Delusion with Delirium bosses: Omniphobia, Fear Manifest and Kosis, The Revelation.

SimulacrumSimulacrum – Collect 300 Simulacrum Splintersimulacrum splinters.

Of course, you can farm Delirium encounters on maps and slowly collect Simulacrum. But you can also read on to learn how to get them faster.

All ways to get Simulacrum Splinters

The most common way is to farm maps with Delirium activated or Delirium encounters. You can use Delirium orbs to make additional profit from farming them. At the end of each reward, you have a chance to get simulacrum splinters.

Maddening Incubator Maddening Incubator will drop you Delirium item. It can be anything splinters or something that will help you farm them faster.

13 Triskaidekaphobia cards in exchange will give you a random corrupted rare tier 13 map with 8 modifiers, 13% quality and 100% delirium. That will help you farm splinters there. The card can drop in tier 13 maps, from Delirium monsters, Vaal side areas, Atziri, Uber Atziri, the Temple of Atzoatl, the Maven’s Invitation: The Feared encounter. Triskaidekaphobia also can be obtained via The Gambler and Stacked Deck.

There is a Delirium heist chest Delirium chest type that you can find on a heist or a grand heist. They can contain Simulacrum Splinters Cluster Jewels, and Delirium orbs. The main trick here is to take rogues on the job who can trigger such chests in the encounter. Legion chests can occur on contracts lvl 68+ if you take Vinderi (5), Tibbs(4), or Huck(3) for Demolition job. You can see the level of the skill required to succeed. You can read more about it in Path of Exile 3.12 Heist Rogue Specialists Full List.

It is advised to take nodes in Regional Atlas Skill Trees that upgrade Delirium encounters:

  • Lex Ejoris region:
    • Pathological
      • Maps found in Areas have 5% chance to have layers of Delirium.
    • Compulsive Hoarder
      • Delirium Encounters in Areas have 10% chance to generate three additional Reward types.
    • Persecutory Delusion
      • Delirium Encounters in Areas are 100% more likely to spawn Unique Bosses.
      • Delirium Bosses in Areas drop 100% increased Simulacrum Splinters.
      • Delirium Bosses in Areas have 100% increased chance to drop Unique Cluster Jewels.
  • Tirn’s End region:
    • That Which You Seek
      • Areas have +10% chance to contain a mirror of Delirium.

Some other Delirium mechanics nodes are good too but will slightly increase simulacrum farm speed.

Some masters have league specific chests that can contain simulacrum splinters, for example:

  • You can find them in Ritual encounters as a reward.
  • Ultimatum Trialmaster can also reward you with this type of rewards.
  • Sister Casia from Blight league encounters sometimes spawn Delirium reward chests that contain Simulacrum Splinters, Cluster Jewels and Delirium orbs.

Currently these are the only ways that can help you farm Simulacrum Splinters faster.

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