Path of Exile Syndicate Farming Guide

Betrayal league was released in 2018, since then its part of the mechanics has changed, but the key factor has remained unchanged – Immortal Syndicate is very profitable for currency farming. But on one condition – it is necessary to properly organize the Investigation Board and how to do this, we will tell you in this guide.

Basic Strategy

The Immortal Syndicate is divided into four divisions: Fortification, Transportation, Research, and Intervention. Meeting Jun on the map, you will face three Syndicate activities – Intervention and Research will certainly appear, but the third will be random – Fortification or Transportation. Therefore, we will use Intervention and Research safehouses for farming, and Fortification or Transportation for additional intelligence for the first two. We ignore Syndicate Mastermind completely, since killing Catarina completely cuts the entire board.

Path of Exile Syndicate Choices

Therefore, Intervention and Research will be the most profitable branches for farming. In these divisions, we leave only two masters – a leader and a member and bind the rest of the masters to Fortification or Transportation. Since there can be 14 out of 17 of them on the board in total, we get such a set up – (5-5-2-2). Why only 2 masters? This is due to the fact that when you clear the safehouse, the leader will be imprisoned, and the second member will take his place. This allows you to swap two masters without the risk that he will fly out of the division (rank 1 masters, after clearing the safehouse they may remain without binding to the current division) if he is not alone – then he simply becomes the leader, since a random member of the division becomes the new leader.

Another important point. Each master has his own set of rewards, which changes depending on which division he is in. Therefore, it is critical to have the right craftsmen in the right place. Now it remains to understand which 4 masters do you need? You will often have to find the answer to this question yourself since the rewards received vary in value depending on the demand in the current league. The most optimal are:

  • Research – It That Fled (upgrades Breachstones) and Vorici (adds white sockets on an item);
  • Intervention – Gravicius (drops Divination Scarabs) and Cameria (drops Sulphite Scarabs).

To find out if the options are better, we recommend using these two useful resources:

  • – for price comparison (usually it concerns Scarabs, for example, Legion Scarabs can cost significantly more than Divination Scarabs)
  • Syndicate Cheat Sheet – to understand what rewards there are depending on the master and his division.

Special thanks to kroll2036 for this Syndicate Cheat Sheet (updated for patch 3.14):

Syndicate CheatSheet 3.14

So, for effective Syndicate farming you need:

  1. Setup your board with right masters
  2. Build relationships between them
  3. Running only Intervention and Research safehouses as much as possible
  4. DO NOT reset board (open Syndicate Mastermind) or relationships
  5. Make profits

Setting up the board

The whole process of forming a board for Syndicate farming can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. Reveal all members and make relationships
  2. Get masters that you want by kicking low ranked or betrayal
  3. Moving masters in right spots
Path of Exile Syndicate Board

At the very beginning, the main thing is to figure out which of the masters is now active (as mentioned above, there are 17 of them in total, and on the board, there can be a maximum of 14). If the necessary masters were not found, then you need to exclude those that are not needed. This can be done by lowering their rank (masters at rank 1 may want to leave the syndicate) or at the expense of the Betrayal option (one of the masters will be removed from the current board). And as soon as the masters you need appear, the last thing remains – creating relationships. They are of three types – neutral (none), friendly or rivalry. Why is it needed and why is it important? When you meet a Syndicate encounter, there is a chance to meet up to 4 other masters:

  • a friendly master may show up (very high chance)
  • rival may show up (average chance)
  • master from the same division (low chance)
  • a master who is not yet tied to any of the divisions (this will be until the moment you form the final version of your board).

A few useful tips to help you:

Only build relationships between chosen masters and any other one, not between members of Fortification or Transportation. This reduces the chance that the desired masters will appear during encounters.

Rival relationships take precedence over friendly ones but don’t ignore the latter as this will reduce the total number of masters in encounters.

Path of Exile Syndicate Farming

Do not run Intervention and Research safehouses when you have jobless masters (he can take the place of the leader) and after the board is ready and all the masters are in the divisions you need, you never run Fortification or Transportation safehouses.

Never remove rivals or make relationships neutral (this will practically cancel all your work).

How to Get Jun Missions?

In order to farm Syndicate, you need to be able to spawn it. This can happen in the following cases:

  • Missions from map device. This is the easiest way, remember that there are two ways to get new Atlas missions. The first one is 5 additional missions every day, one per master, which you receive during the daily game reset (at midnight UTC). The second one for clearing maps – there is a chance to get one mission for a random master after killing a boss on the map (this chance can be increased by the Awakening Completion Bonus – 1% additional chance to gain an Atlas Mission per 15 Awakening Bonus).
  • Sextants (Prime and Awakened) may have a modifier – “Areas contain Jun“. The main thing to remember is that you should not use missions or Scarabs in such cases, which will spawn other masters since they can replace Jun.
  • Prophecy A Master Seeks Help“. It is very important that this prophecy is with the Immortal Syndicate encounter (in its description it will be “You will find Jun and complete her mission.”), Since there are prophecies with the same name for the other four masters (Zana, Alva, Einhar and Niko).
  • Random encounter during card farming. Although the chance is not very high (there is a large pool of various encounters in the game), you can somehow stumble upon Jun.

The process of creating a farm board and understanding the Betrayal league mechanics is not an easy task. Therefore, be prepared for difficulties. A perfect board with the right masters and relationships will take about a hundred (or even more) Jun’s missions, but the result is worth it!

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