Path of Exile: Ultimatum League Review

Recently, a new league has begun in Path of Exile – Ultimatum. We will tell you about what has been added to the game and what has been changed in our review.

Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum Mechanics Guide
Path of Exile Utimatum League Challenges Complete Guide

The Trialmaster

Get ready for some serious challenges, Exiles! The Ultimatum League has a new antagonist, The Trialmaster. Players will be able to meet him in zones and on maps, and he will offer them a reward. However, in order to get it, they will have to try – crowds of monsters that will try to prevent you from surviving until the end of each round, and with each new time, they will be more and more difficult. After all, the monsters will be reinforced with your chosen stacked modifiers, one for each new round. Win or die losing all the rewards – it only depends on you! The new mechanic is interesting, although the ratio of the quality of rewards and the number of killed monsters is clearly not in favour of the players – even for the simplest rewards you have to fight an exorbitant number of enemies.

Ultimatum League Review

Reworked Reward System

While not much new content has been added in the new league, this is more than covered by the new Reward System of past leagues. New rewards, as well as the ability to get them only by clearing certain zones/events, helped to update old leagues and their mechanics, which many new players did not even know about. And for old players, this served as an incentive to go through it again, receiving decent loot for it. Separately, it is worth noting the ability to choose an enchant in Uber Labirynth – this greatly simplified the craft of helmets. This also applies to the possibility to turn your Temple of Atzoatl into an item.

Ultimatum League Atziri

However, I was personally pleased with the new skill gems, as well as the Low Life change and the new mechanic of the Petrified Blood aura. Now playing LL builds has become much easier and, most importantly, safer! Overall, despite the rather difficult challenges of Trialmaster, the league came out quite interesting, especially considering the improved rewards for the previous leagues, so if you still haven’t killed Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, now is the time to do it! Atziri calls, the sky obeys!

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